Virtual Workspaces: A Chat With Our Junior Growth Hacker

Slack is the remote worker’s dream. Millennials, like myself, will remember the hours glued to the thrilling MSN messenger after school. Slack is MSN’s business-minded big sister, however infinitely more fun and heaps more useful.

Want to send an urgent message to a team member that will pop up on their desktop straight away? Slack lets you do that. Want to manage several projects at the same time with different sets of teams? Slack has multiple channels you can customize and nominate to each task, without getting yourself tangled up.

Now, I know what you’re thinking: ‘What about Microsoft Teams?’, and you’re not wrong to be curious about most innovative group chat software to be associated with Microsoft since Skype. However, my answer to you is: don’t be fooled. There have been numerous times this year where Microsoft has been seen to put pressure on Slack, but the truth is Slack’s user base just ain’t leaving and Slack just keeps on getting sassier. 

I’d like to take some time to run you guys through just some of the reasons why I am a firm Slack fan. I’ll delve into personality, UX, functions and the overall effect as a virtual workspace for the modern day worker. All haters wanting an argie bargie on the subject, feel free to take this down to the comments later.

5 Reasons Why I’m A Slack Fan:

1. Slack are just majestic with their sassiness.

When word of Microsoft’s upcoming Slack competitor swooped on the scene, Slack was quick to respond in the best way they knew how. They took up a FULL 2 PAGE ad in the New York Times to welcome in the new competition. I love it so much that I’m going to include the final part for you to enjoy below:

If this isn’t them marking their virtual workspace territory and upping their sasspoints then I don’t know what is.

2. Slack is a product, Microsoft Teams is a feature.

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Source: The Verge

This is an interesting way to look at Slack and Microsoft Teams together and it truly makes all the difference. Being named ‘the office messaging app that may finally sink email’ in the New York Times, Slack may only have one use but it is far more than a contemporary add-on.

3. Slack is free.

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Source: Business Insider

Let’s consider the fact that anyone who’s anyone can have a Slack account. Slack boasts 4 million active daily users, and of those 1 million are paying customers. Pretty neat, considering they don’t force their premium version upon their users at every login. They have made themselves universal and there’s no doubt these guys certainly know how to growth hack their way to the top.

4. Slack is VERY user-friendly.

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Have you seen their interface recently? It’s pretty cool for a virtual workspace. You have to remember that most Slack users use the software for long hours at a time and this hasn’t gone unnoticed. They’ve taken it as their green card to go all out with exuberant copywriting, and I really enjoy reading their quirky little greeting messages each morning. Slack has focused on the small details and their work really has paid off. They’ve created a really pleasant and exciting user experience.

5. You can add external people into your Slack teams.

Slack prides itself on the awesome feature of adding people from outside your team into your Slack channel. That’s one of the best features right?

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How many times have you been at a meeting and have heard the words ‘I’ll add you into the slack channel now, it’s just easier than the back and forth of email.’ And voila! You can start to engage with your colleagues right then and there, sharing Google docs and Excel sheets at the flick of some rather cool, funky slack buttons. This is a feature that Microsoft Teams just hasn’t got going yet, and it’s potentially one of the main reasons that Slack members are staying for loyal to the software. If they aren’t such firm fans like me already, of course.

So what do you think? Is Slack is here to stay or do you think you will make the move over?

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