10 Steps to Syncing Up Your Team in 2019

Are you and your team feeling the post-holiday blues still? If your answer is yes, you’re not alone. And hey, don’t worry about it too much; it’s more than natural after the insane amounts of eating and drinking that tend to take place over the festive period.

If you’re in need of a little kickstart to your Q1, there are some fun ways to reboot your motivation and help start the year with clarity on your company’s needs to steer your new year marketing campaign in the right direction. Here’s an example of an office-wide exercise you can engage with so everyone on your team is feeling synced up and ready to go!

Step 1: Meet and Greet

Schedule some time for a morning meeting with your team – no more than 2 hours should do the trick. Make sure everyone can make it and send out the calendar invites accordingly.

Step 2: Move and Shake

While waiting on the team’s RSVPs, make a list of your three favorite power anthems that will make for the perfect tunes to blast out over a speaker at different points during your meeting. Getting up to shake it every now and then keeps the body as pumped as your mind needs to be for these type of power meetings. Be sure to check your whiteboard and markers are ready for some serious action.

Step 3: Self-Preparation

Prep yourself to be the MC of a dynamic team meeting which people will walk out of feeling ready to take on the world. If you believe it, everybody else will too!

Step 4: Energize!

Pick up some green smoothie ingredients or make a jar of energy balls to help fuel your brains. Or, if you’re more the type to buy these already-made, that’s works! Just keep in mind that you want to sustain a healthy work rhythm, not a fast crash after a short-lived caffeine kick. By now, you’ll be ready to get everyone in the room and set the tone for a great meeting.

Step 5: Snack First, Then Goals

Fast-forward to the actual day with the snacks positioned at the middle of your meeting table, right next to a pile of different colored post-its and a Bluetooth speaker ready on standby. Once everyone is seated and listening, remind them that the main goal of this meeting is to get a hold on the company’s current needs and to come up with actionable ways to meet them through your marketing campaign strategy.

Step 6: Stretch and Reflect

Cue some stretching and general shaking it out to track #1 before you uncap a whiteboard marker and write out the title ‘Our Year in Review’ with three columns underneath with one of each of the following labels: ‘What Worked?’, ‘What didn’t?’, and ‘Lessons Learnt’. Ask your team to take 20 mins to reflect on the three columns presents, grab a stack of post-its and write down 3 points for each column in short sentence form.

Step 7: Open Brainstorm

At the end of this reflection round, read all the post-its back to the team out loud and open the floor for any requests to elaborate on the points mentioned. Keeping this feedback in mind, the next hour should be spent on an open discussion to determine your three main performance objectives for this new year. Everyone is welcome to pitch whatever they feel should be the company’s objectives, answer questions and hash their ideas out with the entire team before you agree on your final three. The key things to make sure to stick to with this task is that they are growth-driven, realistic and measurable goals. Don’t forget the snacks to help energize your thought processes here!

Step 8: Cue Up the Office Anthem

Bring out song #2 to celebrate having laid out your final three together as a team and as a prelude to prepping for the implementation phase.

Step 9: Wrap It Up

To wrap-up, the team would need to decide who will be the lead for each objective. This is best organized in groups of 2-3 members where each person has signed on to one objective nearest to their interest and area of expertise. Each objective’s representatives will be responsible for sharing a progress report on a quarterly basis complete with a brief action-plan for the following quarter, based on indicators or their own justified predictions. What this exercise does is key to empowering your team members with a sense of autonomy and provides them with the opportunity to build their confidence around decision-making and accountability. All in the name of keeping your team engaged, motivated, and maintaining a healthy dynamic in your workplace!

Step 10: Next Track, Next Steps

Celebrate your efforts and gear up for a fantastic objective-focused year ahead with song #3! Just remember to document the meeting’s outcomes with photos via your online workplace. These are bound to be revisited for reference several times throughout the year.

DISCLAIMER: You’re bound to know what your team will be most responsive to in terms of style for this activity. Hence, we’re more than happy for you to take this proposal with a pinch of salt and apply it with whatever variation you deem appropriate. We are simply fans of maintaining focus with an upbeat attitude and an inclusive work dynamic!