Life Advice: Find Your Kreativ Korner™

Okay, be honest: How much are you getting done in a day? If the answer to that question is “Not so much”, might we suggest a change of scenery?

It might not seem like it affects your marketing strategy directly, but believe us, it does. Finding a place where you can get into your zone, rock out to Wham! and let loose is crucial to your creative process. Whatever your “zone” is, knowing how you work best will ultimately help you to create top quality work for your clients, which is a win for everyone. 

Sometimes, it really does start with finding the perfect spot to tap into your inner artist/author/data scientist to produce your best work. 

For Attiya, having a fixed spot at a desk with our air plant, Olivier, looking straight on, was the absolute sweet spot for chewing on data and generally making magic. For myself, as a Content Strategist here at O+S, that place was Kreativ Korner(™).

It turned out that for me, shoes off, stretched out on a sofa in the sunny patch in our office made for the perfect space to get into a brain bubble. I started calling it Kreativ Korner, because:

1. It’s important in this business to foster staying on brand, and

2. It’s where I found myself doing my best work

Here, ideas flowed with little effort, and work got completed a lot faster. It was the perfect combination of comfortable and inspirational. 

But that’s my story. Kreativ Korner looks different for everyone. It might be that you don’t have a place you love coming into work each day. It’s possible that your workday consists in some part of searching for a place where there is strong enough WiFi that you can send that proposal by any means necessary. No matter at what stage in the game you are, I’ll posit that there is a creative flow space, just for you.

Even if your Kreativ Korner is only in your mind, there are a few elements that make it possible for anyone to get their head in the game. 

Sound Game: Grab your best tunes and get cracking.

(Need inspo? Check out what we are listening to in our own Kreativ Korners). 

For me, the music I need to write is completely different than the music I need to attack a mile-long task list, but having it pumping is what fuels my day-to-day Kreativ energy (sorry, not sorry). Even if it’s silence that you need, honor that! Only you know how your creative process works. But the important thing is to be mindful of that, so you are producing your best work. 

Visual Landscape: Cute Kitsch vs. “This…Is…Sparta!” 

I’m a huge people person (more on that in a bit) and can work around nearly everyone. However, one thing that completely throws me off my productivity game is sitting in front of a landscape of rapidly multiplying desk trash, or dozens of “adorable” cat mugs. Maybe you are the same, or perhaps a stuff-populated visual field completely works for you. It’s not a bad thing! In fact, some studies show that clutter may actually help to get you thinking outside the box. But to get into your zone, know your limits and be real with yourself about when admiring your Star Wars Lego desk collectibles stops being inspiring and starts becoming distracting. 

No Man is An Island: But if you are, that’s okay

Everyone has their threshold for Others. I’ve already mentioned that I self-destruct if I’m not around people after a while, and my Kreativ Korner is no different. There is room for others on my sunny sofa and I like it that way. But on our very own team, we’ve got beloved members who prefer to work remotely, because their best ideas come to them when they are flying solo. Embrace your inner MBTI-vert, and pay attention to how you best absorb energy from the people around you. Ultimately your clients will love you for this.

…And everything else…

Whether it’s texture, temperature, color, light, or anything else, there are a thousand little elements that create the perfect environment for your best creative flow. It’s crucial to listen to that! We may not all have, at any given time, the opportunity to dive into the perfect creative space, but the first step is at least being aware of where you are at your best, because at least then you can take advantage when you do have the opportunity. 

In a highly creative job like digital marketing, you always have to be ready to tap into your best headspace. Honestly, inspiration is everywhere, and you have a lot of responsibility to tune into your client’s needs and communicate their particular brand voice, creating something (hopefully) beautiful. Being able to tune in and focus is the lifeblood that pumps through the heart of that process. 

Giving yourself a fighting chance to create the best product possible will give you a leg up in giving your clients your best. So whatever it takes for you to slide into your zone, listen to it, get to work, and get Kreativ!

What are some of your top productivity tips? Hit us up on Twitter and let us know how you get creative!