Working Remotely: Busting Up the 10 Biggest Myths

As a small, virtually-based marketing agency, we’re no strangers to the advantages, challenges, and common misconceptions of working remotely. A lot of companies and folks in the more traditional workforce may be thinking, “how can you possibly get sh*t done from home?” 

First of all, it’s not all about sweatpants and Netflix. And, over the years, we’ve found that working remotely has allowed us:

  • to build more productive habits
  • more flexibility in the hours we work
  • (a lot) less time in the hell that is commuting
  • to be more happy and healthy overall

During a typical work-from-home-kind-of-day recently we came across a list of common myths that people hold against working remotely. Put together by the wonderfully productive people at Trello, it sums up every stereotype we’ve set out to break:

Myth 1: Remote Work Means Productivity Decreases

Myth 2: Remote Workers Are Out Of Contact

Myth 3: Remote Work Means Your Data Is Unsafe

Myth 4: Communication Suffers

Myth 5: Meetings Are Ineffective

Myth 6: Remote Workers Are Lonely

Myth 7: Remote Work Increases Costs

Myth 8: Company Culture Suffers

Myth 9: Remote Workers Are Working 24/7

Myth 10: Netflix Is Streaming All Day

Read more about these remote working myths on the Trello blog here: