Listen While You Work: Our Top 5 Favorite Podcasts

If you’re like us, not a day goes by without sticking in our earbuds for a little audio entertainment. And, when we’re not playing some sweet, sweet playlists, we’re tapping into the mind-expanding, thought-provoking and endlessly entertaining world of podcasts.

Here’s a quick roundup of the podcasts we’ve been listening to…

All Songs Considered

We’re fueled on the daily by awesome music and gather a lot of new inspiration from NPR’s longstanding podcast, All Songs Considered. Like Indie rock? Hip hop? Folk? Baroque? It covers every genre imaginable, so we’re always trying out new tunes and diversifying our music-listening.

Average listen time: ~ 20–60 minutes

My Favorite Murder

Talking about serial killers and strange cases may not necessarily be your bread and butter. But, behind every homicide case is a seriously interesting story that is (usually) rarely uncovered. Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark of My Favorite Murder are two brilliant, hilarious ladies that totally understand their weird obsession with death, and embrace it in a way that’s always captivating.

Average listen time: ~ 45–60 minutes

Hidden Brain

Most marketers are also secret psychology nerds — after all, there’s a lot of connection between human behavior and marketing. Hidden Brain takes a light, friendly approach to understanding why people think or do certain things, and uncovers new studies about behavior and the brain. Covering topics from humor to terrorism, it’s a social sciences class rolled up into audible bites.

Average listen time: ~ 25–30 minutes

This Feels Terrible

Ahhh, love, relationships, and the weird, hilarious bummers that happen along the way. Comedian Erin McGathy takes talking about relationships to a brand new level in This Feels Terrible, interviewing exes and casually discussing details of her own love life. Storytelling at its finest, this podcast helps us put a positive spin on our own, often messy and complicated, lives.

Average listen time: ~ 60–90 minutes

Out There

We’re not always tied to our computers, but when we are, sometimes a podcast about the great outdoors can get us through to the next great hike. The wonders of the natural world are literally everywhere around us, and the hosts of Out There take a beautiful, mindful approach to discussing how incredible it all is.

Average listen time: ~ 15–30 minutes