How to Write Copy That Actually Converts Customers

What does good copywriting really consist of, and why is it that way? In most cases, these questions can be answered with another question: does the copy you’re using right now convert customers?

How you position your brand, your product, your services, and even how your internal company is shared with the outside world all boils down to good copywriting and communication. It’s the one piece of the marketing puzzle that, when done well, can yield incredibly positive results. You know we love a good infographic — this latest one from Koeppel Direct dives into what exactly a direct response campaign is and how effective copywriting can make or break it.

Here’s a quick summary of what they cover within their key tips:

  • How to choose the amount of copy
  • Words to use (and avoid)
  • How to customize copy to campaign type
  • How to present value
  • How to demonstrate you can solve problems
  • How to create effective calls to action
  • How to test and update your campaigns

Check out the full infographic right here to learn more…

View the infographic source and see more from Koeppel Direct here.

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