How to Use Ads Effectively on TikTok: Everything Marketers Need to Know

If we didn’t already have enough social media platforms to navigate on our hands, a new one has entered the market, and has taken off extremely fast. TikTok has gained popularity at an impressive rate, visitors rising from 22.2 million to 28.8 million in just three months this year, making it a social media platform that all companies should be looking into. But, doing well on TikTok could be hit or miss. It’s important to do some research on whether it’s worth spending time on marketing to your audience through TikTok or not. 

What is TikTok? How does it work?

TikTok is a social media app that allows users to upload and watch short videos. Users can create short videos that are 15 to 60 seconds in duration, in a format that’s similar to our old friend Vine, which shut down in early 2017. TikTok actually started out as lip-sync app, making the transition from to TikTok after its acquisition by Chinese company ByteDance, and users began to get even more creative with their original content. 

Now, users do not only lip sync on the app, they also use the videos to show off their skills such as dancing, singing, painting, comedy and more! 

The app is formatted in such a way that anyone can go viral. You do not need to have a large following for other users of the app to see your videos. The “For You” page on TikTok is tailored to the specific user. How this page functions, however, remains a mystery. TikTok has not released the algorithm behind each user’s “For You” page. While there are many theories as to what the algorithm entails, all that’s known is that it is a mix of what the user likes, watches, and shares. 

Is TikTok Effective For Advertising?

TikTok has a ton of advantages such as the ability to reach such a large amount of people with it being the sixth most popular app globally, and it’s absolutely possible to advertise on this platform. But first, how can you do that?

Create your own page with your own content

In order to have a TikTok account, you need to have your own page. For your company, this is a great opportunity for you to let your audience get to know more about your business. Use your page to show off cool aspects of your product or even make step-by-step videos to give viewers more information. 

Reach Out to Influencers

There are thousands of well-known faces on TikTok, with some influencers boasting over 30 million followers. This is great for reaching your audience and showing off your product. Working with influencers is nothing new, but on TikTok, fun challenges and hashtags can be incorporated with the potential to go seriously viral. 

Chipotle recently used the #ChipotleLidFlip challenge to make ordering more fun! They even worked with Chipotle lover David Dobrik to join in on the challenge, sharing the brand with his 14 million+ followers on the app.

Paid Advertising with TikTok

As users scroll through their feed there is the occasional advertisement. This integration within the user’s feed allows the ad to reach a targeted audience people. 

There is also a feature on TikTok where an advertiser can sponsor a specific hashtag and there will be an entire page of videos that using that hashtag marked with the sponsor’s logo. The challenge is even promoted on TikTok’s explore page so more users can find out about it. Branded hashtags are on the more expensive side, but they have shown a great amount of engagement.

Is Running Ads on TikTok the Best Idea for Your Business?

When deciding whether TikTok is the right choice for your company, it is most important to take a look at your target audience. The target audience of TikTok is between the ages of 16 to 24. If your company is trying to target younger or older audiences, this may not be the right platform for you. 

The great upside to TikTok and why so many companies choose to use the platform is because of the blurred line between social media and eCommerce. Many social media platforms are doing their best to erase that line and allow for shopping on their platforms. For example, Instagram lets you shop from some retailers without having to leave the app. TikTok has not yet taken this step into the eCommerce world but the set up of the in-feed ad units make it a possible opportunity for companies to look out for. 

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