Clients Going Public: Artichoke is Empowering Entrepreneurs Everywhere

One of our clients, Baltimore-based startup Artichoke, has just gone public!

Artichoke handles scheduling, payments, client data, and critical marketing assets with powerful automations that transform business owners into business rock stars. For its latest round of funding, Artichoke has decided to turn the to public and non-accredited investors through StartEngine – an incredible opportunity for potential investors of any wealth level.

Artichoke users are also deeply engaged with the product on a daily basis which is a good indicator of the potential to retain subscribers for longer periods of time.  As of the end of 2017, users had already created 12,950 appointments, 19, 451 check-ins, completed 6,919 payments, and added 2,000 clients.

“Our vision is to be the best all-in-one business platform in the world for entrepreneurs in appointment-based businesses.”

Here’s a little of what the founder of Artichoke, Justin Shelby, has to say about going public:

“We set out to build a company that would focus on removing the obstacles standing in the way of financial and lifestyle success for millions of entrepreneurs following their passions. We started with a humble beta app which evolved into a fully featured business platform that’s powerful yet very simple to set up and use.

Over 2,000 users have helped us test and refine the platform over the past year, generating over 10,000 interactions which have been the guideposts for design, engineering, and customer engagement. In late 2017 we hit product critical mass as users started to convert from free accounts to paying accounts at double the rates from previous months. This fueled even more interactions and spawned a growing base of recurring revenue. Now it’s time to put some customer acquisition fuel in the tank and fire this baby up!”

Read more about their story and get more information on how to get in on the opportunity here