8 Inspirational Podcasts That Make Us All Better Marketers

Music isn’t the only audio that we are listening to at the office. We do believe that we have great taste in music, but we also have an ear for a good podcast. The amount of people listening to podcasts has grown tremendously in the past few years. The growth is so remarkable that even music giants like Pandora and Spotify have decided to take on podcasts. Spotify has even made numerous investments and acquired multiple podcasting companies including Gimlet, Anchor, and Parcast

Source: Seeking Alpha

Podcasts are in-demand and it looks like that demand won’t stop any time soon. But why are people so interested in podcasts?

Podcasts are a way to gain information without needing your full, undivided attention. You can learn a language, laugh along, or even gain some inspiration. Did you know that there are professional podcast listeners? If you’re a fast listener, join them! 

We all want to become better marketers. What is a better way to learn how to be a better marketer than hearing from successful marketers themselves? There are many podcasts out there that have successful marketing men and women giving the best tips and tricks to help you! 

This Old Marketing

This Old Marketing has power in storytelling. From digital marketing news to real-life examples of campaigns that you can learn from, This Old Marketing covers many different topics around modern marketing.

Call To Action

If success stories are your thing, look no further. Call to Action is created by Unbounce, the landing page builder for marketers. This podcast tells stories of online marketing success and helps you to visualize yourself applying these lessons to your own marketing campaign. 

Social Media Marketing 

Social Media Marketing Podcast has been around for a long time and has a focus on…you guessed it, social media. If you want to know what works and what doesn’t in the wonderful world of social media, listen to social media expert Michael Stelzer give his insights. 

Marketing Over Coffee

Sit down and have a coffee with marketing experts John J. Wall and Christopher S. Penn. They record this podcast in the early hours of every Wednesday in a coffee shop outside Boston. John has an extensive portfolio in the business world, specializing in Customer Relationship Management, Marketing Automation and Sales Support Systems, working with clients such as Microsoft, Oracle and Salesforce.com. Christopher is co-founder of PodCamp New Media Community unConference and an adjunct professor of Internet marketing at the University of San Francisco, making him the lead subject matter expert and social media expert.

The Gary Vee Audio Experience 

Have you ever wanted to hear straight from the owner of a multi-million dollar company? Gary Vaynerchuk, owner of the marketing company VaynerMedia, has created an audio experience to give direct advice from his experience. He is honest, blunt, and a tad explicit, just the way we like it. On iTunes you’ll find a mix of the #AskGaryVee show, keynote speeches, segments from speeches, interviews and fireside chats.

Duct Tape Marketing

It feels comforting to learn from people who work for companies with familiar names. Host John Jantsch, chats with his guests about new trends, tips, and tactics in the digital marketing space

5 Minute Marketing

If you’re busy, like most of us are, and want some quick information, Brian Moran gives helpful advice without the fluff. He gets straight to the point in his 5 minute marketing masterclasses, so you can get back to bossing your day.

CoSchedule’s Actionable Content Marketing

Organization is a crucial skill in digital marketing; one that can make or break you. Thankfully, CoSchedule is here to help you organize your marketing and prioritize your tasks. The CoSchedule podcast teaches you how with weekly interviews, strategy and advice from marketing geniuses delivered right to your earbuds. This is the podcast for the marketing professional ready to make things happen.

Copyblogger FM

Everyone can always improve their content marketing and writing skills, even the professionals. Copyblogger FM features Sonia Simone and a team of rotating experts discussing the week’s news and updates in the fields of content marketing, email marketing, copywriting, conversation, optimization and more.

Give these a listen, and let us know what you think