From 2018: What Is The Next Step For AI Evolution?

We’re a month into 2018 already; we’ve already discussed the predictions of every element of marketing, and how to best plan out the year for ourselves and our clients. But what does the future hold?

We know the robots are already in our kitchen, our desks and down your local bar covering appliances, assistance, and customer succession. The next possible domination for them is unknown, but if we look into various sectors to study where they could conquer, then this allows us more time to plan strategically to work with them as our sidekick, not our competitor. There are speculations and desires of where it will strike next, until then, here are some examples of the direction and the next steps of AI evolution in marketing and other prominent industries today.

The Evolution of AI Within Marketing

We can safely say that the marketing industry has changed significantly, but we all know we are just at the dawn of AI evolution. Brands are yet to completely understand the complex changes in which artificial intelligence will change our workplaces and our day-to-days. 8 in 10 B2B marketing executives believe that by 2020, AI will completely revolutionize marketing. The major effects it will make to work practices will be more efficient in operations as machine learning implementation can take care of many admin roles, healthcare, finance and many more.  

Example: Personalization With Phrasee

One challenging role in digital marketing is creating subject lines that compel your readers just to click on your email. A live, human employee will know the ins and outs of your client base, your regular reader, demographics, what worked or what didn’t – therefore, they are able to create more personalized subjects creating a higher value to the content. Now AI-powered software such as Phrasee exists to help you optimize content, and continually improve those open rates and CTRs.  

Example: Purchase Recommendations With Gray Jean’s Genie

Genie is an AI-powered recommendation engine that predicts consumer behavior used by marketers to better target their customers at the right time, with the right message. Gray Jean claims that with their experience, they have been able to predict customers next likely purchase with up to 72% accuracy. Because the platforms hosts behaviors from online and offline, CRM and social media capabilities, deals can be customized with geo-targeting, push notifications, emails and social ads. This defines the next step of AI evolution as more and more companies will need to adopt systems like Genie in order to compete in their eCommerce industry.

The Evolution of AI Across Other Industries

Trains, cars, buses, trams, boats? Truth be told, the mechanisms of all of these transportation forms are in line for their next steps towards AI evolution. You may instantly think, “danger,” but as a matter of fact, this artificial intelligence is capable of detecting hazards, humans and natural causes by landscapes.

Example: Self-Driving Mobiles With Hack Rod

Before any other self-driving Uber, Google, or Tesla cars were created, there was HackRod. These cars have actually taken the data from the driver’s brain waves and other combined sensors, and run it through a machine learning process to create the car’s “nervous system.”

AI Implementing Creativity

To think of a form of creativity, we would automatically think personal talent – songwriting or sculpturing can surely not be the next step in AI evolution, wouldn’t you think. AI technology is capable of playing games, being your personal assistant, and delivering packages to your door, which means they are also fully capable of helping humans create something special or intricate in the shape of an art form.

Example: Creativity With The Infinite Drum Machine

The Infinite Drum-Machine essentially combes thousands of sounds creating musical experiments. The method of this seemingly simple mechanism matches drum patterns which are close together, with the category of color, all into one machine that looks like the solar system. You can click anywhere on the board and create percussive sounds and patterns, that has completely been assisted by AI technology. The craziest part is that anyone can access it.

Example: AutoDraw

Another Google AI experiment will help any doodle artist create better quality images by recognizing a primary drawing and creating something similar, but better. It’s nothing you can make money like Da Vinci from – but for substitute GIFs, your next logo or the outline of your next coloring book, yes it’ll do the job. We’re definitely on our way, and this is in the books for the next steps of AI evolution as ideas for advances are probably underway.

Some of this may come as a shock, some may come as a nice surprise. Regardless of any emotion towards these next steps in AI evolution, the reality is that we all need to be considering them in our workplaces sometime soon.. otherwise we’ll just fall behind.

If you need any further expert advice, reach out to us so we can share our knowledge, and help you strategize the next best step for AI in your business.