Prepare Thyself: Questions For The Client Interview

Your mom was right, first impressions matter. And in regards to client meetings, that initial in-person is the moment to showcase that you know what you’re doing, and understand the clients’ need too. Here’s our basic checklist of questions we like to ask a potential client before we take them on and how we secure ourselves on their shortlist.

What is your target CPA? This should be pretty obvious, but knowing the client’s expectations helps any marketing person set reasonable goals and standards for themselves and the campaign. It’s the clutch number to know for any client because it points you in the direction of just how much they’re willing to spend to get a customer.

What marketing programs or initiatives have you tried already? Asking what’s been done and what’s essentially not worked is imperative to set your marketing plan up to succeed. Don’t tread where others have failed and discover what they haven’t thought to try yet.

What is your biggest company challenge? Most clients have already done the work for you, they just need you to help them execute and solve their marketing problems. As self-aware as they might be, asking the question straight up will give you a glimpse of the actual issue at hand.

What’s your largest improvement area? Might sound redundant to the above question, but an intelligent client will know the difference. By finding out their room to grow, you can establish your place in their longterm strategy.

How is your company different than [Competitor A] and [Competitor B]? This is an opportunity to let them pitch you. Plus, it shows that you’re done the subsequent research to know their main industry adversaries. Nothing shows off a client’s passion for their product like talking about how much better it is than someone else’s’.

How quickly are you looking to hire? Mostly because timelines are important, and working in client services means balancing more than one brand at a time, it’s essential to know how quickly they need their problems solved and how dedicated they are to finding solutions.

Of course, there’s always the client-tailored questions regarding their service and brand in general, but these above questions will have you feeling prepared for the meeting and have any client feeling as though you’ve done the prerequisite work.

And if that doesn’t work, take them to a bar and foot the bill.