Super Bowl XLIX: Commercials and Other Related Things

Super Bowl XLIX was about the same as any other super bowl: half of the crowd cares about the game while the other half is just interested in drinking, eating, and watching commercials. We were part of the latter half, so we are going to focus on just that.

Commercials That Were a Serious Downer

At $4.5 million dollars for a 30 second spot, it’s understandable the marketing departments at the companies were a bit depressed. However, they didn’t need to carry that gloominess into their commercials! From the Nissan “With Dad” commercial to the slue of Nationwide ad campaigns that had you contemplating ever leaving your house, there was no looking forward to commercial breaks. Instead, we were more concerned about what was going to come next. However, there were a few ads that made us LOL, so we’ve decided to show them to you again!

#1 Clash of Clans Meets Liam Neeson

Liam Neeson, best known for his recent role in the Taken series, has brought his character to the Clash of Clans game. This spot begins with Neeson losing a battle. Upon losing in Clash of Clans, you seek revenge. Neeson, in his typical overly serious tone, promises to find “BigBuffetBoy85” and destroy his village while he begs for mercy. During his monolog, you hear someone calling for “Ly-Um,” upon which you realize he is in a coffee shop. Take a look at the spot because it’s tremendously accurate, yet refreshing to see Neeson show his sense of humor.

#2 Doritos and the Middle Seat

Everyone knows the perils of finding a seat on an airplane. And nothing is worse then getting that C Boarding pass, knowing you’re going to have to sit in the middle seat. Doritos takes this to the next level. This passenger goes to great lengths to stop anyone from sitting next to him in the middle seat until he sees a seemingly available woman. He flashes his bag of Doritos, and she notices. But, then he notices something else. Watch the video and see how it turns out!

#3 Like A Girl

While this isn’t a new ad for some of us, it is one that gives us good feels. The #LikeAGirl campaign took off on Twitter shortly after airing. It’s a commentary on the use of these three words together. The interviewers ask children and adults of both sexes to act out things “like a girl” the results are intriguing. Take a look.

The Two We HAD to Discuss

Sorry, but I couldn’t let these two commercials go without mention. For all of you who are unaware, GoDaddy created a nearly identical ad to the Budweiser “Lost Dog” commercial. However, their ending could be seen as traumatizing, but we thought it was hilarious. (We recommend watching the Budweiser ad first, followed immediately by the GoDaddy commercial).

Secondly, Kim Kardashian will do anything to get in the spotlight, and this T-Mobile commercial had me reeling. The entire commercial is about your cell phone data being stolen from you at the end of your monthly contract. She says this is data that could be used looking at her outfits, looking at her vacation photos and more. I thoroughly enjoyed the fact that she seemed to be serious about always “looking at her things” while simultaneously making fun of herself. For once, I enjoyed Kim K (it will probably never happen again).

Missy Elliot’s, I mean, Katy Perry’s Halftime Show

It was so nice for Missy Elliot to include Katy Perry and Lenny Kravitz in her halftime performance. I mean, regardless of your feelings towards Katy Perry, Missy stole the show. This 43-year-old rap-queen had the audience enthralled. For one, I had no idea she would be performing, and I almost fell out of my chair when I heard the opening to “Get Ya Freak On.” Other than that, there was a tremendously strange moment that a Reddit user captured. A hooded man is standing behind Perry while she is performing. No one is sure whether or not he was operating the ocean waves or if he was just there for shits and giggles. If you know this man, help get us the answer! Here’s a picture of him in action…

Finally, the dancing sharks were another highlight and we felt sorry for Kravitz, who only had a few bars to jam out to before getting kicked off the stage.

Overall, it was a very standard Super Bowl, minus the fact that many of the ads were depressing. But, hey, all press is good press right? Until next year…