The Essential Guide to Social Media Image Dimensions

We recently blogged about the importance of visuals and how high-quality attractive images and elevate your content. Let’s be honest, blocks of texts are so 90s and in 2015 users are demanding photos! Below, we’ve highlighted the top social media image dimensions you should know so your images don’t get distorted and look like an elementary school kid uploaded them for funsies.

Facebook Image Dimensions

There are four important image dimensions you should know for Facebook: the cover, the post, for an ad, and for the App! Here are some examples that we made. (Note: px is pixels)

Facebook Cover: 851px by 315px

When creating your Facebook Cover banner, be sure to take into consideration your profile picture. Don’t put any important information in the bottom left hand corner!

Facebook Post: 940px by 788px

By following the pixel size, you will ensure that your entire photo will be seen and none of it will be chopped off or hidden.

Facebook Ad: 1200px by 627px

Trying to promote your business? Facebook Ads area great way to do so!

Facebook App: 810px by 450px

Specifically designed for mobile optimization, this dimension works seamlessly to create a photo for those mobile users.

Twitter Image Dimensions

There are only two important image dimensions you should know for Twitter: the header and the post. Here are some examples of what we made.

Twitter Header: 1500px by 500px

Similar to the Facebook Cover, when creating a Twitter Header, you need to take into consideration your profile picture. So, don’t put any pertinent information in the bottom left hand corner!

Twitter Post: 1024px by 512px

Again, by following the dimensions you can ensure that your photo will not be cut short and that your complete message will be broadcast for all to see!

Instagram Dimension

Instagram is simple, there is only one dimension for all photos: 640px by 640px. It is especially important to follow these dimensions on this platform because there is little to no content that goes along with it!

Photos are the Phuture!

We love images, yes we do, we love images how about you? Have fun getting that out of your head for the rest of the day. But, in all seriousness it’s called social MEDIA for a reason. Share more than just text and links online; you will create better audience interaction and social engagement. The goal is always to go viral and the best way to do that is through photos. So, now that you have all the dimensions, it’s time to get creatin’!