An O+S Drinking Game: Super Bowl Commercials

This is how we intend on feeling the next day. ((Sorry, couldn't help it. Too easy)) This is how we intend on feeling the next day. ((Sorry, couldn’t help it. Too easy))

It should come as no surprise that we take our sports seriously over here at Oliver + Sons. Not only are we all insanely competitive, we also enjoy a perfectly sociable reason to drink beers and eat a plate of nachos larger than our torso. Of course, for many (especially in our world) the commercials in between the penalties and touchdowns are of equal, if not greater, importance.

Which is why we devised the perfect combination of marketing’s most expensive TV day of the year AND one of our fave pastimes, imbibing adult beverages! Enjoy your drinks responsibly, natch:

Take a sip:

  •  Every time a tagline has a rhyming scheme
  •  Any car brand says or prints the word “luxury”
  •  Celebrity is used that makes no sense for the products
  •  An animal talks
  •  A small child is utilized for the fuzzy feels
  •  When a Taylor Swift (or Swift-esque) song is playing in the background
  • A #Hashtag is used blatantly 

Take a shot:

  • Fireworks happen, literally
  • Someone sexily eats food
  • Slow motion horse
  • Anyone uses the word, or takes a “selfie”

This list is bound to get you tipsy if played correctly. But if you have additional “rules” for us, please let us know in the comments or hit us up on Twitter

UPDATE: Oliver + Sons Super Bowl Commercial BINGO

For those of you in need of an awesome party game, we expanded our list into an epic advertising Bingo Game. For official consistency, we made randomized cards, which you can download here: Oliver+Sons Super Bowl Commercial BINGO and print. Don’t worry – you can drink the whole time during BINGO, so technically, it is still a “drinking game” (right?).

Cheers from O+S… go, football!