No Lie, Butt Kissing Hurts Your Digital Strategy: Why You Outsource a Rebrand

“Love thyself,” a simple quote that can be applied in both your personal life as well as your business life. However, you have to know when to let go of loving your outdated business model and moving on to bigger, more creative ways of branding.

Outsourcing a rebrand can be a touchy subject, but the benefits far outweigh the negatives. The unending request, to reinvent your business model and express who you are in external ways, can be daunting, especially for someone who has become comfortable. However, every so often a rebrand and fresh marketing plan are in order. This uncharted territory can be a little overwhelming, so be sure to outsource it to a company that has their finger on the pulse of the hottest upcoming trends. Outsourcing it to someone who is removed from your business can also be very beneficial.

Benefits of Outsourcing a Rebrand

When you outsource, you get access to marketing experts who are up-to-date on the hottest trends for the season/ year, something your company may not be too focused on. What also comes with outsourcing is a fresh perspective on your organization as a whole. Instead of continuously pigeonholing yourselves, an outsider can assist in freshening your brand so that it is in line with standard business practice and what your consumers are looking to connect with.

By assigning one person or even a small team of people, to deliver on all counts of your rebrand is an unreasonable task. This individual or group does not possess the skills needed to get the results you want, and they could be fearful of losing their job so they will hold back on making the drastic changes you may need. An objective point of view and fresh ideas are essential in rebranding. That’s the whole point of a rebrand—to try something new and different. The outside rebranding will be able to give you an objective perspective on knowledge of the latest marketing innovations and techniques. You will get the most bang for your buck by outsourcing your rebranding.

Just Outsource It, Yo

Daunting. Expensive. Time-consuming. These are all adjectives we’ve encountered when we talk to companies about rebranding. We understand, from an inside perspective that you may not recognize all the roads and side streets you have to go down and the loops you have to go through to rebrand successfully. However, we, the specialist, don’t see a rebrand as daunting – we see it as an opportunity. It is an opportunity to help a company reach their next level, a way for them to improve their customer retention and brand image. We’ve talked at length about the ways to tell it is time for a rebrand, or even how to define your brand. However, now, the focus is on the importance of outsourcing your rebranding process to a professional. If you want help, ask us! We love doing what you don’t want to do!