Client Spotlight: Nomiku 2.0 Now on Kickstarter

Hello! Meet the new Nomiku. Hello! Meet the new Nomiku.

It’s hard to explain how wonderful it is to be able to boast about clients we have — past or present — but basically it is like getting a ride from a unicorn to Disneyland (just go with it). And, Nomiku is no exception. This Bay Area company lead the at-home sous vide movement through Kickstarter a couple years ago, creating one of the easiest-to-use and most powerful home immersion circulator on the market.

Essentially, Nomiku is an amazing tool to make gourmet meals in the classic French style of “sous vide“. Using only a large pot of water, some air tight bags, and the food of your choice, Nomiku makes the most delicious culinary feat possible — perfectly cooking protein, veggies, eggs (and pretty much everything) with the twist of a cap! Seriously though, we have one. It’s mind-blowing.

Now, they are decidedly out-doing themselves with their 2.0 version. Here’s some of the features and highlights:

  • More powerful technology
  • Made in the USA 
  • Sleeker, smaller design
  • Wi-Fi connectivity to their new Tender app where anyone can create, share, and send sous vide recipes with the time and temperature directly to their Nomiku 
  • New low awesome price starting at $149

As we mentioned, we have their first generation and are currently addicted to this perfect brunch sandwich and love their Pinterest account for new recipes on the daily. Your kitchen, mouth and tummy will thank you. So what are you waiting for? Their new Kickstarter is almost over, so hurry and get yours today.

Don’t believe us? See what some of the pros have to say: