Net Neutrality: The Most Important Thing

If Net Neutrality disappears so will one of the last remaining democracies. Sounds like hyperbole? Seems a bit dramatic? Sure. Fine. Let’s start with something simple:

  • You want to watch Parks & Rec on Netflix streaming
  • You want it to buffer quickly and look good
  • Netflix will have to PAY Comcast more money to do so for you 
  • Even though YOU PAY Comcast for service
  • Comcast reaps the benefits on both ends: the consumer and the platform

We can’t even tell you how f*ck’d up that is. Pardon our language. But seriously, this is a big deal. As a business that exists in the digital world, and is provided an income by businesses that also use the internet to reach customers, we pay real-life bills (including cable) and are red-blooded taxpayers that perpetuate the existence of giant conglomerates and government agencies. These are the same forces that are attempting to monopolize the online world as we know it. Everyone should be given the opportunity to utilize this ecosystem fairly and equally.

The head of the FCC was the former head lobbyist for Comcast. Think about that. Let it sink in. Allow that corruption to seep through your pores and onto the keyboard, smart phone, or tablet that you’re reading this off of right now. And now… do something about it. Not only should absolutely everyone be having this conversation but there’s a few places where you can actively participate. Instead of us telling you, we suggest you watch this segment on Last Week Tonight with John Oliver:


Thanks to friends Ben and Nathan for getting our gears going on the subject. We hope to hear you join in on the conversation too.