How We Go A-Travelin’: Part One

We’re big travelers here at Oliver + Sons. The beauty of working with a variety of clients all over the place, and the freedom of doing most of that work online and remotely, is that we get the opportunity to adventure to new places. Whether it’s living in Spain for three months, to a week from Bodega Bay, I love the autonomy of this business and the traveling we get to do.

In the spirit of this, and because summertime vacations are not quite done with, here’s my tech that gets me from Point A to Point Awesome.

  • TripIt – This handy app is a great way to store ticket information and reservations; a simply forward email from your airline and the app organizes it all into different “Trips” which you can customize accordingly. If you’re like us, then you prefer to obsessively check flight status – this is your new favorite app.
  • Hotel Tonight – Providing a quick fix when you’re in a pickle, an accommodation pickle, that is. Book last minute rooms in a snap (at discounted rates, usually). However, if you’re in a city with little hotel saturation and/or conferences in town, you might be outta luck.
  • Foursquare – Checking in is not just something to do to show you’re friends where you’re at. They’ve upped the game to include some helpful reviews and “Nearby” attractions. If you’ve got some time to spare, Foursquare is a great resource to help you find some local gems.
  • Google Maps – Okay so it sounds a little paranoid, but we love maps ahead of time. In fact, we’ve been known “map out” all the destinations, restaurants, hotel, and driving directions with labels, notes, and links. It might sound crazy but it comes in handy with a multi-person adventure as a must-have resource. You can even print it out when you know the area might be difficult for Wi-Fi, hence tricky to pull up on your smart phone. Read this How To for clarity on custom maps.


This is a super basic list, we know. But it’s a good start for anyone about to make the most of that vacation time. Send us a postcard when you get there and stay tuned for some more in-depth travel tips and hacks as we cash in our airline miles and prep our Visas.