Designer Appreciation Post

We have the utmost respect for the visual crafters, letter-makers, and inspiration shakers. In the first of an ongoing series, we wanted to give due props to the artists we’re stalking. Thanks for making stuff beautiful.

Hische got curves like whoa Hische got curves like whoa


Jessica Hische

Our tippy top favorite word nerd, Hische travels the world speaking on typography and letter-making while raking up the awesome-ist clients. From Dave Eggers to Wes Anderson, The Criterion Collection to Penguin Books; she has a resume of stunning work. Creating typefaces that are not only easy-on-the-eye but also remain compelling as a story on it’s own, Hische make letters say more than we thought possible.


Amen, Mr. King Amen, Mr. King

 Damian King

We’ve been a fan of DSF clothing company in San Francisco for some time now, and find ourselves drawn to the screen-printed T-shirts of Damian King most often. Fusing typography and illustration, he makes “Getting Shit Done” look beautiful enough to wear proudly on our chests.


Sobierajski gets handsy Sobierajski gets handsy

Leta Sobierajski

An accidental stumble down the Internet rabbit hole led us to Sobierajski’s work and we immediately connected to her art. We assume she has some kind of wizardry power over color and texture, because she employs every skill to make her subjects pulsate off the page (or screen).


Indeed, a Young Jerk Indeed, a Young Jerk

Dan Cassaro

 Another one of our hyped-type-pros, Cassaro’s style has a classic feel with a modern simplicity. Whether it’s a coupon for fine dinging or GIFs for MTV, he has a distinct sense of play to his work that we admire and lust after in our everyday. Hell, if we had our druthers, every crappy logo out there would get a Cassaro facelift.


Nieminen has a lotta skill (get it?) Nieminen has a lotta skill (get it?)

Lotta Nieminen 

After catching Nieminen at an Airbnb Design Talk, we couldn’t help but fall in love with her stunning illustrations and charming presence. Evoking whimsy and detail, her art has a life of it’s own. Collaborating with chic clients like Hermes and Volkswagen, the self-proclaimed “accidental illustrator” makes perfectly contained worlds that seem to embrace the viewer in their simplicity and also keeps them on the outside looking in.