Entertainment with a Purpose: To Be Takei Trailer

Reigning king of Facebook, Star Trek alumni, gay rights activist, all around funny guy and Oliver + Sons favorite national personality, George Takei is the subject of a new documentary, To Be Takei. Taking on his role in changing opinions about Asian-Americans in popular culture, his absolutely endearing relationship with partner Brad, and everything in between, we can’t even begin to express our unadulterated excitement for this film.

Check out the trailer below: 

In addition to everything that he’s accomplished from a personal and industry perspective, we really admire George Takei for his absolute mastery of content and social media marketing. Want to know how to engage users and build your social media followers in an organic fashion? Find a few moments, grab a beer, review George Takei’s Facebok page, take a few notes, and follow his lead — because there’s no one better at it than that guy.