Client Spotlight: Gearnaut Featured on CNET

We get all giggly about our clients. No exception is the fantastic new shopping platform, Gearnaut. They specialize in tech must-haves, fashionable accessories, badass tools and all kinds of stylish stuff as discounted deals.

Recently, they published a fantastic Mac App Bundle featuring ten computer-soothing applications to improve and enhance your machine. Expertly curated products at an insane deal – seriously, it’s over 85% off the retail price. Eighty. Five. Percent.

10 Apps for $39.99 — with the retail sticker price at almost $300! SEE, WE TOLD YOU IT WAS CRAZY.

CNET recently picked up the deal (as they should) and Gearnaut will be featuring this bundle for another few days. So get on it if you care about your fruit hardware!