10 Ways to Tell It Is Time for a Rebrand

Our last blog focused on one of the most common mistakes companies make – a poorly communicated online image. There simply comes a time in all our lives when what once looked good, now looks old fashioned and dull, or at worse, lazy.  We know, you think it’s superficial. And it definitely is. But the company that has the pretty website is going to be crowned homecoming queen!

So, how can you know when you’re past the point of being cool because you’re older (like Matthew McConaughey in Dazed and Confused) and just plain old? Well, we’ve come up with a straightforward list about how to tell it is high time for a rebrand.

1.    Does Your Brand Tell The Wrong (Outdated) Story?

Let’s face it, times change and your brand message could be telling the wrong and outdated story. No longer are the days of boring mass marketing brand messages. Now, you must be a content marketer. Content marketing is more on a person-to-person basis. You must tell your audience a story that they can relate too. The content you create online is essentially your number one sales person. By posting remarkable content online, in places where your audience can find it, you will establish positive perceptions of trust, credibility, and leadership. These intangible differentiators can give you an advantage in the inundated online marketplace.

2.    Location, Location, Location.

You’ve heard it once and you’ll hear it a million more times. If you move locations, more times than not, you’re going to have to pivot your brand to a new audience. Have you pigeonholed yourself into a very niche market, but have since moved locations? Well, you’re going to have to rebrand if you want to stay competitive in the market. Geographically named businesses will almost always need to rebrand.

3.    What Do Your Customers Say About Your Brand?

When considering a rebrand, talk to the people who are the closest to your brand: employees, customers, partners, investors, etc. These individuals have a vested interest in improving the company they have come to know and love. If they cannot clearly state your brand message, or there are too many versions of your brand message, it’s time to rebrand. Ask what your customers think, it’s the easiest way to find a solution.

4.    The Competitive Landscape Changing

We’ve all heard of #TransformationTuesday by this point; a day when individuals, professionals, and even companies show how they have transformed from past to present. With the proliferation of the Internet, the amount of information that is available can bog us down. However, by rebranding and repositioning, you can stay ahead of the competitive landscape. Many companies, both larger and small, have rebranded as the times have changed. Just look at Pepsi’s transformation over the years. In today’s society, modern and clean logos seem to stand out against the wordy, clipart logos. If you’re logo was made in the 80s or 90s, it might be time to reconsider.

 5.    Expansion

“We’re more than…” is a classic saying when company’s become synonymous with their core product. If you are trying to increase your market share with new products, rebranding will be key. Convincing customers you are more than your one product can be difficult if you do not pivot your brand message to feature other products. Figure out how to express your unique, and new, values within your rebranded brand message.

6.    Social Media is King

You may have heard the saying “content is king,” but in today’s world, social media is king. Adding social media sites to your company’s business model is the key to success with Generation Y. Without an online presence you can significantly decrease the amount of customers to acquire. Though this may not be a complete revamp of your current brand, it does require some pivoting in order to get your customers to trust you as an online source. You can also use social media sites as another distribution channel for your products and services.

7.    Bad Reputation

There are two sides to this section. One, your company is the one with the bad reputation. Or two, your brand is associated to another brand that has a bad reputation. Either way, this requires some serious rebranding. Moreover, with these cases, you are essentially driving away potential, and even current, customers. Bad brand reputations can cause businesses to go belly-up, and we wouldn’t want that! Be sure to keep track of who your customers associate you with, as well as who you associate yourself with. Running a business is already difficult enough, don’t let a bad reputation drag you down.

8.    Audience Analysis

This is a more proactive approach to rebranding. You’ve recognized that your brandscape has changed and now you want to move towards a different audience. That’s great! Rebranding is essential when changing target markets, especially in today’s information-heavy society. Targeting a certain audience is great, just be sure to be clear about the problem you are solving for them and make it a mission to get that message across.

9.    Merger or Acquisition

This is definitely one of the more obvious reasons to rebrand. As many companies move under one roof, it is imperative that they learn how to play nicely together. And this means having the same brand message regardless of what it was in the past. If one company is stronger than the other, use that to leverage your new brand message that includes the acquired company.

10. Just Looking for Something New and Fresh

We get it; we all get bored with our image at sometime. So, if you’re considering rebranding, look at your company as a package that offers your customers a certain set of skills and strengths. This ‘package’ will come the brand message you to communicate with your audience. Reconstruct your image to fit in with the new, fresh look you have always wanted.

At Oliver + Sons we consider ourselves problem solvers, big dreams, storytellers, data wizards and your brutally honest best friend all in one. We don’t hold growing old against you, we all need a facelift every now and then. Call us, we’ll make you pretty again.

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