Designer Appreciation Post

Creators. Designers. Innovators. These are the people we love stalk. We’re continuing our series of the designer appreciator posts with these imaginative and cleverly creative individuals and companies. We love what you do!

Tayna Madoff 

“We need to talk about your flair.” “Really? I…I have fifteen pieces of flair on…” Office Space anyone?? Well, Tayna Madoff has the answer to all your flair needs. She is the creator and designer of the Button Club, a monthly dose of vibrant art, packaging and design all hand made in San Francisco! Tayna has cleverly crafted buttons of ranging from 80s slang, animals, literary references, and even the Princess Bride. So loosen up your buttons, babe, and check out the Button Club.

Martin Feijoo

No doubt when you were a kid, you lay down in the grass and looked at the cloud, pointing out shapes to your friends. Well, Martin Feijoo took this to the next level, by illustrating the first thing he though of when he took a picture of a cloud. The results are breathtaking. You may think a little harder the next time you point out a cloud and say, it looks like a bunny, because to Feijoo it’s so much more.

Ariane Vieira

Drawn to this (pun intended) simply because of the coffee but found a fascinating approach to textile designs. Vieira makes very real designs using elements of the words she is writing about. Whether it is coffee, walls, nature, or bridge, she creates a visually stunning design. She’s also devilishly talented with fonts.

Stephen Maurice Graham

Hilarious and semi-disturbing, Graham created Men’s Grooming illustrations for GQ Magazine. From hairy chests to chapped lips all the way to problematic mustache hairs – he drew them all! And for all you gaming nerds out there, he’s also created old school renderings of the PlayStation One Console, Sonic the Hedgehog, and Tomb Raider.