New Obsession: The AGAM Aluminum Modular System is Long Hand for Industrial Legos

AGAM has a specialized dedication and a definitive innovation. This Aluminum Modular Display System has convinced us that they are a force to be reckoned with.

Upon first glance you may think we’ve confused ourselves, this company is all about extrusions and components. What does that even mean? To admit, we had no idea what an extrusion was before investigating AGAM, but now we do and we think you should too!

Who is AGAM?

“The AGAM System is a set of compatible aluminum extrusions and components that can be used to build just about anything. The AGAM System makes building simple, using our fully comprehensive line of profiles and connectors.”

However, what’s even more spectacular about AGAM is that the people behind the system are tremendously talented. They understand the capabilities and are always willing to accept new challenges, no matter how big or small. The Project Coordinators and Industrial Designers make up a team that will work with their clients to produce the exact product they want.

What’s even better about this Aluminum Modular System is that it is all made in America! Located in the Baltimore, Maryland/ Washington, D.C. corridor, AGAM houses state-of-the-art machinery and equipment, enabling swift, high-quality standard and custom fabrication. Their interchangeable components permit the design of structures for the use in various industries, not just displays. It’s like Lego’s for grown-ups!

AGAM = Thought Leaders in the Display Industry

Would you ever think an Aluminum Modular Display System could be considered a designer? Better yet, a cool designer? Well, AGAM is that. Their dream-makers of epic proportions, creating gigantic displays, light boxes, and backlit posters to name a few. Don’t know what we are talking about – check out the photos below! Modern, stunningly impressive displays are a few words that come to mind. We would be drawn to these booths, what about you?