To Brand or Not to Brand – the Definitive Guideline to Your Image Online

Here at Oliver + Sons, we’re brand whores and that’s good for you because believe it or not, you really need a pro to understand your brand online. One of the most common mistakes of companies is a poorly communicated online image. How can you be so bad at telling the world who you are and what you do? Well for starters the giant gif of your logo repeated over and over again on your homepage screams amateur to everyone on the web which is completely contrary to the pride you have in it. That’s exactly the point. Sometimes you’re too close to your company to really see the branding mistakes you’re making.

But, What’s is a Brand?

A “brand” is a collection of characteristics, promises, values, beliefs, imagery, and experiences represented by a consistent look and voice. In the broad sense, brands can be products and services, organizations, sports, ideas, and even people. Brands are no longer just a logo, but more about what the logo represents.

Online Brand Architecture

Online brand architecture establishes a roadmap for consistent brand communication across media. It eliminates the sporadic nature of creative development and forces consistent communication over time by recognizing your brand’s history. Your online brand architecture can be a tool for managing an entire portfolio of products especially if they are well defined. When developing an online brand, we like to create the ideal consumer, that way you know the exact tone and voice you need to get your message across.

Here’s our 5-point list that we ask when creating a brand:

  1. Attributes – what are your rational product features?
  2. Benefits – what can you emotionally and rationally delivery to your consumers?
  3. Values – what are their human values?
  4. Personality – what are their characteristics?
  5. Essence – what is the “soul” of your brand?

By answering these questions, you can get a good idea of who your ideal consumer would be and thus be able to create a brand that speaks directly to that character. By providing value, and giving users something they want, you create relationships and customer loyalty.

Why Practice Branding

Branding builds value into your product for both the consumer and the company. By establishing a clear and consistent voice and look, you will hold valued territory in your market. Branding is an essential business weapon in today’s society, especially with so many competitors. If you create a brand concept, you could easily leverage your qualities for successful brand diversification and thus create customer loyalty and relationships.

How Smart and Sharp Online Branding Affects Your Cash Flow

Branding can be the quickest way to success. Accurate branding is a kind of promise to consumers. It is a set of fundamental rules that are expressed by anyone who comes in contact with your company. A brand is your reason for being created. It is how consumers perceive the inherent value your business has to offer. By establishing a strong brand, you can distinctively separate yourself from competitors.

Have more questions about branding? We’d love to help.