How We Go A-Shoppin

It’s no surprise that we like to shop online and who gives better ideas for gifts this holiday season than Pinterest, Etsy, SFMADE, and more?! It’s like cheating, but in a good way. Here are a few highlights from some of our favorite sites where we like to go a-shoppin!

Pinterest the Biggest Thing Since Sliced Bread 

Ok, maybe not the biggest thing since sliced bread, but it’s pretty close! This social bookmarking website is a gold mine. Whether you’re a teacher, planning a wedding, athlete, artist, or even a food blogger Pinterest has something for you. We like that we can discover new, hand picked things, from people we know and love. Pins are like a giant highlighter mark or a fold in a magazine, for all the good stuff you find anywhere around the web. Another benefit, for all you anal-retentive people out there, you can organize your pins on boards, which is like a good-old fashioned binder. Essentially, Pinterest is a gigantic dream journal. Oh, and of course, FOLLOW US HERE.

This is us. Falling into the Pinterest K-Hole, willingly.  This is us. Falling into the Pinterest K-Hole, willingly.


Etsy The Site For All You Crafty People Out There

Think you’re crafty? Maybe you could sell some of your stuff online? Wait, who would buy it? The answer – someone. The saying, “there’s a seat for every ass” truly works when it comes to Etsy, the online marketplace where people around the world can connect to buy and sell unique goods. The main difference of Pinterest and Etsy is that you actually do your shopping on Etsy, whereas on Pinterest you just look, admire, and click links. However, chances are you will see “Pins” of Etsy items on Pinterest. Their three-pronged message is “Satisfied Customers. Passionate Sellers. Secure Transactions. What’s great about Etsy is that it’s a community of like-minded people are providing handmade or even vintage products that someone will love and we love that!

Glue gun, glitter AND birc-a-brack, bitches. Glue gun, glitter AND birc-a-brack, bitches.

Hyper-Local SFMADE Helps You Shop the Bay Area

Established in 2010, it’s the only organization of its kind focused on building San Francisco’s economic base by developing the local manufacturing sector. Whether you need screen printing, chocolate, or reflective, decorative, protective wraps for your bicycle, SFMADE has it for you. SFMADE is similar to Pinterest and Etsy because it brings a community together. However, it is a bit different in the fact that it is super focused on SF and manufacturers. But, if you’re from the Bay Area and design and manufacture a physical product, we suggest becoming a member! Or, even if you’re in the area you should check out the site to give you ideas on who can help you or even who you can help!

Buy local. Live worldly. Buy local. Live worldly.

Money, Money, Money…Money! How to Save it with the Mint App

Now that we’ve given you reason to spend all your money, we decided to try and save you money at the same time. The Mint App pulls all your financial accounts into one place while helping you set a budget, track your goals, and do more with your money. Though it may sound sketchy, handing over all your financial information, it’s trusted, safe, and secure. With more than 10 million users, Mint helps you set a budget and create a plan to reach your personal financial goals. You can easily track your progress online or stay up-to-date with monthly emails.

... makes the world go 'round! … makes the world go ’round!

We hope you enjoyed our shopping spree! Now, get goin’ because the holiday season is already here!