A Hunting We Will Go!

The click-holes of the Internet tend to lead us astray from the original point, typically sending us into a deep motivation-suck. Or at least, that’s us. What’s awesome is when we can stumble upon products or services that end up being parts of our everyday lives. That’s usually the main part of the search. It was somewhere on Twitter a couple months ago where we saw the whisperings of this cool new email listing called Product Hunt.

What began as a simple email thread between a guy and his circle of friends on cool new apps and tech, turned pretty rapidly into this hub of great curated products, delivered directly to your inbox.

Sometimes they have curated themes of products (like for “Couch Potatoes” or “Pranks Products” or “Community-Building Tools”) which makes for a fun Christmas-like event of checking your email. You can find (my / our) profile here to see what we’re hunting lately.

Oh and there’s a whole segment of GIF-apps for you to peruse. You’re welcome.