How Wearable Technology Will Change How We Socialize

From Google Glass to Kidizoom watches for children, wearable technology can be found from high fashion catwalks to the playground. Wearable tech devices are worn close to the body, on the body, and even in the body.

In the past few years, biometric trackers like FitBit, GoPro, Nike+, Google Glass, and others have been developed to improve relationships, health, coaching, and other lifestyle choices. As these wearable technology devices continue to develop and become more relevant in our lives, there is bound to be a greater impact on social media.

Wearable Technologies and Their Social Networks

FitBit, GoPro, and Nike+ are some of the most commonly used wearable technology devices in the market today. FitBit and Nike+ are similar in their reason for usage; in that, they aim to improve lifestyle choices and connect improve relationships. These technologies are both performance driven, with FitBit focusing on the steps you take in a day, your calorie intake, calories burned, how well you slept, and water drank and Nike+ measuring your distance, time, pace, and calories per run/walk. The Nike+ social network allows downloaded data from your device to be shared with statistics from all users worldwide. You can see where you rank amongst your friends and even among users in your age range all around the world. Whenever you complete a workout or days worth of steps, you can “Share” it with friends who use the Apps or even directly to your social media pages.

How the Synergy Between Social Media and Wearable Technology Will Change Our Lives

Just as wearable technology devices continue to develop, so will social media platforms and the synergy between the two will surely continue. Social sharing on these devices will allow users to connect with friends, family, and coworkers at in real-time rate allowing friends, family, and even law enforcement or medical personnel to connect with others instantaneously.

Social sharing from wearable technology devices will impact on our relationships, health, responsiveness, and could deeply improve long distance relationships, care taking, safety tracking and more by giving real-time access to your location, biometrics and experience to your family and friends.

Wearable technologies will definitely change our relationship with technologies and social media. It will open the door to new computing of the ways we live, work, and socialize.

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