Client Spotlight: Gearnaut Re-Brand is Live!

You know that delicious piece of cake you get to have after a tough workout? Or the first breath you take after surfacing from the bottom of a dark scary lake to get your sunglasses? Or the joy in waking up and realizing that it’s actually Saturday when you thought it was Sunday? That’s exactly how we feel about the new site launch of our client Gearnaut.

Pretty, isn't it? Pretty, isn’t it?

We put some serious life-force into the new look & feel of your favorite online men’s gear shop. They feature amazing products for everyone (hint: Holidays are coming!!!) and we couldn’t be more excited to give their website a much needed facelift. Including product photography, brand guidelines, UX layout, and overall copywriting for their huge new variety of store items. So check it out, sign up for the newsletter (which we also re-vamped), and go treat yo’self or someone else with superior Gearnaut offerings!

If you have any input, suggestions, or compliments, we’d love to hear them! Sound off in the comments.