15 Content Challenges That Marketers Struggle With

Putting out amazing, value-driven content on a consistent basis can sometimes be a struggle. When you factor in every consideration of targeted messaging, engaging topics, SEO-optimization, relevant visuals & information, and the occasional bout of writer’s block, content marketing challenges tend to come up.

Every content marketing team has its strengths and weaknesses, with different challenges as a result. However, there is some information out there in the industry for what the biggest challenges in content marketing are.  To get some insight, SEMRush and The Content Marketing Institute recently teamed up in order to survey more than 1,800 writers, strategists, editors, PR specialists, and marketing managers to find out more about the struggles they deal with regularly.

Take a look at their complete infographic on their findings below, and check out their website for even more on the matter.

What are the biggest challenges you’ve faced in content marketing? Drop your thoughts in the comments!