Oliver’s Earbuzz: Our Favorite Jams of 2019 So Far…

Is it already June?

As we are staring down the second half of the year, with summer peeking just over the horizon, we’ve taken a musical look back at some of our year’s highlights.

In one of our favorite traditions, our team has rounded up some of their top musical hits and made them into the Spotify playlist of the season… We’ve added the songs that have kept our heads nodding, our hearts pumping, and our brains in beast mode as we stayed on the grind through the first part of the year. In a playlist that spans across genres, we’ve curated just a few of our faves.  

If you’re looking for a little bit of inspiration to fuel your mission, or just to get your head back in the game, check out our top picks of the season and get your groove on.

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Give them a listen, and then let us know what tunes you are rocking out to in the comments!