Nice to Meet You

We are a multidisciplinary collective of creatives, problem solvers, storytellers and data wizards, specializing in all things digital.

Attiya – Chief Left Brain

Attiya is a seasoned, jack-of-all-trades digital marketing and product strategist that has 15+ years of experience working in a variety of industries and verticals, managing cross-functional teams for organizations across major US and European cities. Before founding Oliver + Sons in 2013, she was VP of Marketing for TuneUp Media and worked with clients like Dodge, New Line Cinema and McDonald’s during her tenure at Meredith Xcelerated Marketing. The first to roll up her sleeves, she understands how to cut through the noise through a regimen of experimentation, measurement, and refinement to deliver the growth that businesses daydream about. Away from the digital world, her passions include exploring, surfing, curling up to a good book, long walks with her dog Oliver and all things gastronomy.

Nichola – Chief of Operations

Nichola is an imaginative brand builder who gets a kick out of great communications. Bridging the gap between the creative and technical sides of growth marketing, her venture capital background has given her the opportunity to work with start-ups across the US, UK, France and Spain. An out-of-the-box thinker, she can typically be found with her head in a thesaurus, a cup of tea in hand, and a brain full of ideas. Alternatively, she can be spotted in the mountains, skiing into snowdrifts and searching for her imaginary friend, Oliver.

Basia – Copywriter

Basia is a curious, life-long learner who loves trying new things and growing her diverse skill set. At Oliver + Sons, Basia splits her time between content writing and web development. She loves combining her passion for all things creative, with a deep appreciation for technology. Basia has had the opportunity to work for startups based in Canada and the United States, though in a previous life worked for the Canadian federal and Ontario provincial governments in International Trade.
With a background in programming and public administration, no one is really sure how she ended up here — but we’re not asking questions! When she’s not at her work desk, you can find Basia enrolling in yet another online course on illustration, programming or hand lettering, reading, or teaching Oliver German canine commands. Platz!

Artemi – Project Manager

Artemi comes from a diverse background that spans from marketing to event and community management. A self-described organizational freak, Artemi’s passion comes from inspecting systems and processes, then making them infinitely better. An invaluable member of the O+S team, Artemi manages everything from project management, to number crunching, and technical implementation. When he’s not tweaking code and generally making things run smoothly, Artemi can be found climbing — walls and mountains, or immense towers of people, as a casteller in his hometown of Barcelona. He also is the trusted caretaker for all the Olivers in the family whenever their parents are away.

Miguel – Media Buyer

Miguel is a seasoned marketing professional with an ecommerce focus thanks to his multilingual capabilities and knowledge of diverse markets.

Most of his pre-agency working experience was gathered in Dublin, Ireland at European HQs of US companies like Google and Indeed. There, he learned how to enter into new markets and scale up seven figure search campaigns. With a strong knack for everything data, Miguel has been effective at increasing revenue and lowering acquisition costs for Oliver + Sons’ eCommerce and SaaS clients. 

In his free time, you can always find Miguel surfing his home spots on Spain’s northern Atlantic coast or abroad travelling to place like Indonesia, Maldives and South Africa, which he absolutely loves.

Kelly – Copywriter

With a background in the music industry and marketing in Perth, Australia – specializing in social media management, website design, and business growth – Kelly’s skills in copywriting have earned her a permanent spot as a Copywriter and SEO Specialist with the Oliver + Sons. Kelly defines herself as a professional opinion giver, experience creator, local bar, restaurant and cafe supporter, specialty coffee geek, craft beer aficionado, natural wine devotee, and summer nanny to Oliver.