On The Hunt: Recruiting and Business Development Tools

Recently, I have taken the reins on some more client-recruiting strategies to bring in new engagements and find compelling projects. Not always so easy. For our part, Oliver + Sons is a boutique agency, and many clients don’t even know that we’re what they need. So personally recruiting interested companies based on my individual resume or profile has turned into the best process to reel in new business. Below is a list of resources and platforms that I do our internal BizDev hustle on.

AngelList: Forget LinkedIn. Okay, don’t forget it, but it’s not my favorite when it comes to getting in front of the businesses who need Oliver + Sons. Remember how notoriously spammy LinkedIn’s onboarding campaigns used to be (you signed up and they auto-emailed everyone in your contacts to “Join You” on LinkedIn? Suuuuuper embarrassing *spam-shudders*) which led most users to turn off their notifications from LinkedIn-related emails altogether. Which is great for your inbox, but not-so-great for actual Networking. AngelList, however, has made a good connection between your inbox and their platform. So when a business is “Interested” in us, I see it front & center without logging in. Additionally, those clicking “Interested” are C-level rather than an HR or recruiting jockey. Even better, the more you use and update your listing, the more popular you become to those looking.

Glassdoor: Know your worth. They’re on a mission and the campaign is working. They have a great tool to truly find out what you ought to be paid, and even if you’re undervalued, it’s a revealing “The More You Know” (cue rainbow) moment. Not only that but reading the reviews and salaries of others in your field is an indispensable tool for any professional, no matter your industry. It is also great for shadowing aspirational companies and agencies. I try to investigate workplaces that treat their employees right and do as they have done. 

WeWork: If you’ve ever been remote or freelance, then I don’t need to explain why WeWork is an essential part of our workplace life. As a co-working office, but also as a field of recruiting, WeWork is ripe for the talent in design, copywriting, coding and networking. Finding that first phase start-up who needs a trusted branding firm (*ahem*) or an engineer who is ready to take their product to market (*cough cough*) makes the networking element more natural. 

MediaBistro: Marketing & design jobs! All of the marketing & design jobs! While larger opportunities than AngelList, MediaBistro offers a look at who’s hiring in the larger creative departments. Witnessing the ever-changing field of design, technology, and digital marketing, I like to use MediaBistro to broaden my buzzword lexicon and job title vocabulary. Plus, it’s always interesting to see how the big media companies pitch themselves and their career opportunities to a highly-targeted group of people. 

Alright, I can’t give you all the secrets, but that will have to satisfy your current cravings for Internet-business-talking for now. Find Oliver + Sons on Twitter and let me know your favorite BD resources.