Halloween Costumes You’ll Either Love or Hate as a Marketer

halloween costumes for marketers

The marketing world draws all kinds of people — introverts, extroverts, Halloween enthusiasts, and those who just want to avoid the knocks of trick-or-treaters.

No matter your feelings on the spookiest holiday of the year, marketers have enough to keep an eye on without having to worry about what they’ll dress up as… or maybe that’s just me. As someone with little time to scrounge up a costume idea, I took to Google to find some of the best (and worst) Halloween outfit ideas for digital marketers and technology nerds.

Here are my favorites and most cringe-worthy picks from around the Internet:

1. DIY Emojis

halloween costumes for marketers

Source: Brit + Co

Our vote? LOVE IT.

When the outfits are perfectly arranged, I am surprisingly obsessed with these DIY emoji costumes. They’re so simple you probably don’t need to buy a thing, recognizable enough to not have to explain, and easy enough to do solo or with a crew.

2. Mad Men

costume ideas for marketers

Source: Retale

Our vote? ALL ABOUT IT.

Maybe it’s because we’re an agency, but the classic look of a Mad Men vibe is equal parts chic, cool, and relevant to life. Maybe if we were all together in one office, we’d be able to sport the same look…

3. Ghostwriter

costume ideas for marketers

Source: Tabitha Dumas

Our vote? YEAH, SURE.

You can go the simple route and grab a white sheet to cut some holes into, or don some fancier ghostly garb, for this costume. Then, get a book or notepad. Boom – ghostwriter. Get it?

4. Twitter Meets ‘The Birds’

costume ideas for marketers

Source: HootSuite

Our vote? OMG YES.

The basic idea here is to dress up as Tippi Hendron from ‘The Birds,’ but use the Twitter logo instead. You can use your imagination with the image above and even add in some specific tweet text if you’re feeling adventurous.

5. Snapchat Filters

Source: YouTube

Our vote? NO THANKS.

Unless you’re a makeup artist (who in digital marketing has the time for those skills?!), this might be a tough one to accomplish well. Kudos for creativity, but there’s something about that rainbow makeup that’s making me queasy.

6. Pantone Color

costume ideas for marketers

Source: Sugar and Cloth

Our vote? KINDA INTO IT.

I love pretty colors. Really, who doesn’t? Pantone is the marketing industry’s God of all things color, so dressing to fit that tone is a fairly simple, creative idea. Bonus points for adding in the right swatch and hex value!

7. Mark Zuckerberg

costume ideas for marketers

Source: Ecouterre

Our vote? PLEASE STOP.

Okay, yeah… relevant, sure. But Zuckerberg? Come on. Think outside the box, you can do better. Plus, the man could really use a wardrobe upgrade.

What are your votes? Let us know on Facebook, or drop your thoughts in the comments below!