Data Knows All: Tackling the Best Types of Blog Content

This. Is. Amazing.

You know when you’re feeling a little stale on ideas, so you crack open Google and search for some kind of new inspiration on how to get creative, drive more leads, etc? It’s one of the laziest marketing practices we’re all guilty of, and, while it can be fruitful sometimes, is more often than not a waste of time.

Why? DATA.

The numbers don’t lie. Ever. That’s why we’re so in love with them. put together a definitive list of blog post ideas you can actually get behind — because they’re actually backed by data.

“We analyzed the highest trafficked content based on 175,000,000 visitors to find out what type of blog posts get noticed.”

You better believe these marketing angels put in the work. They found that “the top 200+ blog posts on Sumo’s content-creating customer’s sites revealed that these are the top 10 pieces of content you need to create. They were responsible for 147,000,000 hits (83% of the top 175 Million hits were on these 10 types of content).” (Sumo)

So, What Are the “Top Types” of Blogs?

We’ll dive into the top 3 types of blog posts right here, but you can check out all of the rest on the Sumo blog here.

#1 — “How To” Posts

Everyone loves learning something new, especially when it’s timely or relevant for them. Always a win. Here’s one of our top-performing how-tos.

#2 — List Posts

BuzzFeed readers and beyond, everyone loves scrolling through a well-put-together list of images, facts, anything really. Here’s one of our top-performing listicles.

#3 — Explanatory Posts

Complicated topics take a lot of time to digest, making explainer blogs a hit for just about every audience type. Here’s one of our top-performing explainers.

Want to learn more? Head over to the Sumo site to keep reading.