4 Absolutely Critical Content Promotion Tactics You Need to Get Noticed

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If you’ve noticed a pitfall in marketing efforts for your content recently, it’s probably due to the extreme usage our internet sees day in day out. A recent phenomenon visually and numerically describes all the things that happen within 60 seconds on the internet – its vastly becoming an unstoppable realization us marketers have to face. Meaning we have to start revisiting some of our content promotion tactics to keep pushing our content in the direction it deserves.

In 2017, 81% of the U.S. population had a social media account; so your organic reach may struggle, but its the actual content that matters. Most recently, we’ve seen adaptations to social media platforms like Facebook who are scrutinizing our efforts to get noticed. To have successful website and blog visits, you should follow these content promotion tactics along with your own existing internal contributions.

1. Leverage-Proven Successes

There are many proven forms of successful content which any business should already be using, with the trends for 2018 shaping the way we create content; it’s about that time to reflect on the posts you deem most successful for your audiences.

What are they?

  1. Infographics are the best source of condensed information into visibility format. Their long and colorful form is great for sharing on Pinterest and Twitter, and if you use them, you’re already contributing to number 3.
  2. Choose however many rules you want to go by because list posts are here to educate and formulate your content strategies.
  3. Resource-focused posts. The be all and end all is that people are looking for results and information. The internet is giving out everything for free (to some extent). Take CoSchedule and their variety of amazing templates for everything digital as the prime example – that’s the standard we’re looking at.
  4. In-depth guides attract links to other content, which a step-by-step format to assist pretty much every subject in the category. Thanks, Internet.

The most important use for this is to raise the roof on those traffic numbers you might need help with, and in order of doing this, it’s absolutely crucial you optimize your assets. For example, you could use image sitemaps to ensure they are searchable or offer them to people who use media and appreciate visual assets. Your readers want to see something useful, something they’re actually interested in.

2. Community Awareness

Syndication is a content marketing tactic that will help expand your reach and gain that vital credibility you deserve. Although, you might not be an expert at community management, so here are some tips to ensure you have covered every possible syndication corner.

  • QuoraThe best thing about Quora is the volume of people who are curious about pretty much every subject imaginable. Quora is free to use, and promotion works well if people upvote your answers. The better the content, the higher ranking you will be. Target your latest content with just a keyword search and do the best you can to match the question.
  • RedditAnother one build from point scoring, your reputation in the Reddit community is fueled by ‘karma points’ which can be gained from comments and posting links. Your karma will reflect your position within the community, which all boils down to the content you’ve submitted. There’s such thing as reddiquette,” so be careful out there.
  • InboundYou have to earn your place on Inbound because the community is jam-packed with professional content writers and marketing specialists. To do this, you should take the appropriate steps:
  1. Define the messaging theme
  2. Decide your channel mix
  3. Build your channel

Your content should already be specific to your channels with the desired prospect which will generate your social channels. But this isn’t enough; again, you will need to put in extra efforts to build your community profile which will be the real boost in promotional activity.

  • Relevant forums from a Google searchBuilding your own relevant forums can be fairly easy, but complicated to get started with. Depending on time constraints, you may find some that are worth working towards and feel comfortable with progress, but you have to kiss a lot of frogs to find your prince charming.

  • Facebook GroupsOnce a smooth entrance, now a complicated application. These groups now require a few words about yourself, your purpose and how you can contribute. But with people receiving notifications from your post, on the most used social platform in our existence, it would be foolish not to use this as the best content promotion tactic in your social community.

Due to your extensive research on your markets, there’s a high chance you may have stumbled upon some more high-quality platforms. Welcome, your communities… Spend some time there, and utilize them as much as possible, you could even ask for opportunities to be featured.

How to do it?

First of all, you should engage with the communities for a few days before posting anything, allowing a warm-up strategy so the regular users can get a feel for the new brand presence. Show and share some expertise, answer questions and add value to your networks before sliding in with your content promotions.

Second, post your content and ask members for feedback, don’t be shy because all you will be doing is inviting interactions and creating a discussion. ‘Comment Marketing’ exists and its purpose is to build relationships. You may have noticed the amount of bots companies use to reach audiences, but they lack a personal touch which you can provide. The best way to promote your content without a hazardous spam message is to relate to comments and suggest your content. That means that anyone looking at this message will also find yours.

Your community will now start to become interested in what you’re writing. Top tip: comment on relevant posts by influencers rather than potential customers, the reason being that the influencers are where all your customers are engaging.

If you’re using social media, you should create snippets. Like any other snippet, they should be variations of the title, short statements from the content, short quotes, and statistics all combined to reach different audiences. And when posting any social copy, don’t forget to mention your sources. The people you mention will see this and some will re-share or like, which is highly beneficial for added engagement.

3. Broadcast by Retargeting Visitors

Campaign monitor suggests a beneficial click-through rate of over 6 times more than a tweet when an email campaign sends out, which is the perfect opportunity to utilize that email list of yours tactically. You shouldn’t forget to add a CTA for sharing strategy, and always include the most popular content which is most constructive and will keep them coming back.

You can also include an RSS feed within your email that will allow readers to subscribe to your updates automatically. But to get your readers into your email, the best content promotion tactic is to send the first email again, several days after with a different subject line to those (thanks to your analytics) who didn’t open it. Adam Franklin’s results were surprising when he used this trick at Bluewire, suggesting we’re missing clicks by only sending it once.

By using sign-up forms on your website, you will have converted some email subscribers. Without it, you’re letting readers just slip through your fingers. Find an engaging message to influence the reader to want to sign up. A successful promotion tactic is to have the opportunity to sign-up appear when the reader reaches the bottom of your content. By doing so, they already know what they’re signing up for.

4. Spend More Time Linking Within

Getting clicks from link roundups is the easiest SEO booster there is. An internal link is a  common use to enable the reader to navigate their way through your site, most useful for building, what Moz calls ‘site architecture’ – the best possible way of explaining. Add a link to your new content, found from your beloved analytics – highlight the content that is being heavily trafficked at that time and choose from your last 6 months what to link to, aim for your most popular archived post to give it a surprising extra boost. The opposite to external links – here you’re pointing in the direction of an external domain, beneficial to rank SEO value when appropriately linking to descriptive words, and the site being up there on Google results.

As a debrief from these crucial content promotion tactics, it’s easy to say that they all require extra time and effort for planning when you next sum up your content ideas. To save the risk of your content becoming unnoticed compared to the rest of the internet’s content, make sure it’s valuable to the reader and begin to source your reader’s platforms before you create it.

With this in mind, you can easily navigate your way through promotional groups. Learn from what’s best, and take time to improve the not so healthy ones, the moral of the story is to analyze everything you put efforts in to. And remember, there’s always rules and regulations amongst every promotion platform, so be careful and make sure you don’t spam!


If it’s help you need, we can probably do just that. Drop us a line and tell us just what you’re looking for, so we can share our knowledge of content promotion ideas and get you on the path to succession.