Your Guide to the Best Times to Send Emails

Sending email communications out on a regular basis sounds like an easy enough task, right? Subject line, customer segment, and main copy aren’t the only factors to keep in mind, however – WHEN you send an email is just as important, if not more so.

Timing is everything, and SendInBlue saved us the trouble and proved it. They took a super deep dive into the data of the emails they send on behalf of different businesses: eCommerce, Software/SaaS, Marketing Services, Offline Retail/Hospitality, Professional Services (B2B), and NGOs (Non-Profits).

Take a look at their complete infographic just below, and read on for some of the key findings around the best times to send emails:

  1. It’s best to send an email during the middle of the week, between Tuesdays and Thursdays.
  2. Engagement rates are best around 10am and 2pm local user time. 
  3. It’s best to send email between 8am and 10am on Tuesdays for B2B.
  4. Software companies see the best results mid-afternoon on Wednesdays.
  5. Over 90% of marketing emails that received clicks were sent on a weekday.

times to send emails

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Visual Marketing Isn’t Just Nice to Look At, It’s a Science [Infographic]

With so many stimuli presented to people online every day, understanding how visuals can attract consumers’ eyes is critical. The science of visual marketing has proven to encourage more engagement and retention in branded content. As humans, our brains process images 60,000 times faster than text; it makes a lot of sense why the right visuals can make such a big difference.

The infographic below from iScribblers on how visual elements like color and images can influence your marketing. Some of our favorite takeaways include:

  • Visuals with color increase people’s willingness to read a piece of content by up to 80%.
  • 50 – 80% of the human brain is dedicated to visual processing, such as vision, visual memory, colors, shapes, patterns, etc.
  • The brain takes less than 1 second to process visuals. It takes 150 milliseconds to process and image, and another 100 milliseconds to attach meaning to it.

science of visual marketing

Source: iScribblers

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What Makes a Great Looking Email? Winning Email Design [An Infographic]

Email marketing still reigns as one of the most engaging, effective ways to acquire, retain, inform, and communicate with customers in a B2B or B2C space. In fact, as much as 86% of professionals prefer to use email when communicating for business purposes (HubSpot), and nearly 75% of companies agree that email offers “excellent” to “good” ROI (Econsultancy).

From a consumer perspective, folks in the United States check their email a lot; most commonly while watching TV (70%), from bed (52%), on vacation (50%), while on the phone (43%), from the bathroom (42%), and even while driving (18%) (Adobe). Additionally, 86% of consumers say that they would like to receive promotional emails from companies they do business with at least monthly (Statista).

So, how does a business, large or small, stand out among the hordes of emails coming through a consumer’s inbox every day?

Design, design, design.

Campaign Monitor recently published a great piece of visual content that helps break down what email design is all about. Here’s what they had to say:

We were recently part of an esteemed panel of judges for Email Monks’ The Best Email Design Hunt and thought we’d use that experience as the inspiration for our next email design infographic. We teamed up with our pals from Emma and Email Monks to bring you the Anatomy of a Winning Email Design.

Check out the in-depth infographic on winning email design here and soak it all in:

Anatomy of a Winning Email Design - Infographic by Campaign Monitor
Source: Anatomy of a Winning Email Design by Campaign Monitor

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Prediction Corner: Top 5 Email Marketing Trends for 2018

email marketing trends

We saw a couple of new elements to email marketing in regards to trends in 2017; being interactive, perfecting content curation and data analysis to name the top few. But for 2018, these previous trends are about to flourish, and then some. We’re living in an ever-changing environment of technology, where email marketing is undergoing an evolution on a daily basis. So without the commitment to these trends, your competitors will take you for a walk. We’re about to see advances in behavioral data automated, an extremely useful means to personalize experiences. Taking a New Year’s head start? Good for you! Continue to see how to whip these email marketing trends for 2018 into your marketing plans for a successful start.

Customization & Personalization

The expectations have been set as high as the recommended section on Netflix and the Spotify Discover Weekly. Although most marketers may struggle to compete with this, our accessibility to the use customer data will be the core of all personalization for email marketing trends in 2018. There will be little reflections in the content of our emails, and more of the future expectations – as in the past we have experienced personalization based on user-created profiles, purchases preferences, and life stage events. The user who abandons purchases or who shows a vast interest in a topic in the news will have reminders sent to their inbox as machine learning will be targeting areas to capitalize on. This will be giving marketers a new ability to harness the content within data to adhere to relevant and personal information.

Advanced Automation Techniques

The midfield marketing ability has arrived. There is a line that is disappearing between automation, marketing and CRM which is allowing companies to expand features into the once before technology barrier. Advanced functionalities can now begin with smarter features. For example, the option to pull content or information from your website or database straight into an email will be the real time-saver, which will allow the marketer to target personalized messages and recommend a lot easier than before. Email marketing trends for 2018 show a more sophisticated channel at a better price than ever before.

Optimized Customer Funnels 

Marketers have prescribed to a system of developing conversions from the top of awareness to the bottom of purchase and retention. Having being used to creating and optimizing content purely for the various stages of this funnel, 2018 will be introducing new tactics which will change the funnel completely. We’re looking at including stages of adoption, expansion, and advocacy – as marketers must own the complete cycle of our new funnel adhering to the whole journey of the customer lifecycle.

The tradition has disappeared, because leads may now enter and appear at any stage of the new and improved funnel, all the while traveling in any order. This email marketing trend of 2018 will make our jobs that little bit harder in the run-up to preparation, but personalization and data advances will be your new best friend in 2018.  Use multi-channel advantages to their full potential.

Excelled Audience Targeting 

It seems personalization is making another appearance as we head towards another prime factor of its advantage – relevance. Email marketing trends for 2018 see a shift in budgeting and investing for productivity towards the volume of automated emails as opposed to mass email generation. Chad White – Research Director of Litmus says “rather than viewing these emails unwisely as “set it and forget it” programs, we’ll treat them as “review and improve” programs” – aiming more towards maximizing efficiency.

The advances we’re experiencing today have insights into customer activity across channels which are able to act with automated emails. This will be reaching the desired customer, at the right time, with the content that’s right for them.

Owning Predictive Metrics

Email marketing trends for 2018 of the individuals and groups lifetime value will be coveted by machine learning and AI – this forms the term ‘Predictive CLV (Customer Lifetime Value)’. This extreme benefit to define 2018 will help marketers make better, more informed data-driven decisions which will contribute to their increased revenue through email marketing. Metrics will be the provider of which subscriptions users enjoy most and how profitable they are over a specific time frame, exactly which acquisition will be the highest ROI earner and the specific customer attributes that will be driving your CLV.

We all love opening an email to find content that really suits us, to find treasures we can learn from or even a gift in store. Taking these trends and implementing them into your email marketing, you’ll have your customers gratitude in no time. Need help? Send us a message to see what we can do for you and your future.

From Our Inbox: 10 Email Marketing Do’s and Don’ts

We sign up for all the newsletters. Some of them are wonderful, like Campaign Monitor, and some of them… not-so-much (names redacted). Recently, we came across this helpful infographic, and we just had to share. 100% on-point.

Email marketing is a proven tactic that marketers count on to drive results again and again. We’ve put together this handy infographic that details email marketing do’s and don’ts every marketer should know before they push send to ensure their email campaigns deliver.