How Effective Are Case Studies for B2B Marketing?

Case Studies for B2B Marketing

In the vast expanse that is content marketing, B2B is a particular kind of beast to wrangle. Between newsletters, on-site articles, informative videos, eBooks, and other types of content, some businesses struggle to figure out which are their most valuable efforts. Case studies for B2B marketing combine equal parts storytelling, data, and design, to convey how products/services have benefitted a particular customer. When done well, they can be so engaging you’ll forget you’re reading a traditionally “dense” piece of content.

New Research: The Most Effective Content Tool is B2B Case Studies

We’re not just making this stuff up. Case studies have been proven to be an incredible marketing tool for many, many companies operating in a B2B space. Some recent research helps put things into perspective a bit more:

  1. The LinkedIn Technology Marketing Group surveyed more than 600 B2B marketing professionals about the current state of content marketing, with results showing that case studies dominate the #1 spot as the most effective format.
  2. According to the Content Marketing Institute, 71% of B2B content marketers use case studies as a content tool for driving engagement and sales.

Because they are, in essence, a nice summary of your achievements, direct testimonials, and endorsements, case studies can be an easy-to-digest way to convey how awesome your business is. Potential customers definitely take notice, too.

Your average B2B buyer is no dummy – they are educated, self-sufficient, and like to do their research on what kind of value they’ll get from a service before putting down the company credit card. If they see your well-designed case studies (especially if you have a case study for each industry segment that you cater to), it can sway a decision in the right direction much better than other types of content marketing, like social media.

Our Best Tips for Creating B2B Case Studies

We’re big into doing content marketing well, case studies included – and have created a variety of client case studies in B2B spaces over the years, earning us some first-hand knowledge on what makes one great. Here are some best practices and tips for building effective, engaging, value-driven B2B case studies:

  • Send your customer a Q&A in survey form, so they can fill out their responses at their own convenience, and you’ll have their direct quotes already in the bag.
  • High-resolution logos and images ALWAYS matter.
  • Real testimonials are good as gold – show them off well!
  • Don’t use it as an opportunity to brag about yourself; you should be bragging about your customer.
  • Use numbers, but tell a story – in the end, it’s about connecting humans to your business.
  • Provide real, quantifiable results and metrics that can show (in numbers) how effective your company is.
  • Keep things as concise as you can, and remember that you’re not writing out a full eBook on the matter.
  • Use stunning visuals, graphs, and charts to help convey data in an eye-catching way.
  • Boil it all down to a one-page PDF if you can – they are more easy to read and share around.
  • Use as much real language as you can, avoiding over-promotional copy that screams “marketing!”
  • Make them easy to find, and link to them where you can in your other on-site content pieces to increase the SEO value.
  • DON’T FORGET YOUR CALL TO ACTION. What’s this all for, anyway?

We’ve put together dozens of effective case studies in our days. If you have any questions or want any help getting one started, give us a shout!