These Brands Won at Engaging Social Media Campaigns Last Year

2017 was a year where social media marketing and online presence became even bigger and more influential. The days of using Twitter and Facebook to get in touch with company support teams or catch up with the latest promotions seem to be dwindling – instead, consumers and brands are really using these platforms to connect and engage in productive ways.

Brand messaging can go almost nowhere these days without a good social media strategy; consumers are much more aware that the content they are consuming must be entertaining, informative, or engaging in some other form without focusing on the brand itself. As in most industries, there are some clear winners that really stood out among the noise on social media in 2017. With some help from this AdWeek roundup, here are some of the most honest and engaging campaigns we saw:

Airbnb, #WeAccept

Degree Men, #RedefineWhatsPossible

BarkBox, “Dog Mom Anthem”

Red Bull, “Door in the Sky”

Check out AdWeek’s full list of the most engaging branded social media campaigns of 2017. 

In 2018, we expect that a lot more brands and companies will begin to take social media presence more seriously and strategically. Which campaign or piece of content stands out the most in your book? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!