We Dunno About You But…

We’re taking this whole World Cup thing pretty seriously. Hence, why we’re stoked that the official Twitter account of U.S. Soccer posted us the convenient get-outta-work note from none other than U.S. Coach Jurgen Klinsmann (not to mention, it’s damn nice social media fodder): YOU’RE WELCOME! Now go enjoy some beautiful game!

Drumroll, Please: Desiiiiign Tiiiime!

We tend to get our hands dirty and our feet wet with all kinds of marketing projects that involve design in some capacity. Whether it’s feedback on a new logo, picking out creative for Facebook ads, wire-framing the ‘ish out of a homepage — we’re always digging into the inter-webs (wait, does anyone even say […]

Being an Expert Vs. Jack of All Trades

I recently came across a photographer discussing how her portfolio work and website communicated her abilities differently to clients; the idea being that having too many styles could be a turn-off for an employer who potentially only wanted her for one type of project. In thinking about this conundrum in my own profession, I wondered […]

Client Spotlight: Gearnaut Featured on CNET

We get all giggly about our clients. No exception is the fantastic new shopping platform, Gearnaut. They specialize in tech must-haves, fashionable accessories, badass tools and all kinds of stylish stuff as discounted deals. Recently, they published a fantastic Mac App Bundle featuring ten computer-soothing applications to improve and enhance your machine. Expertly curated products […]

{Book}worm Hole

Here’s a quick gut-check on the latest slices of literature that are giving us life. Professionally and otherwise. The Circle // Dave Eggers Focused on a fictitious tech behemoth (crafted with a hint of Google and Apple cultures), the story touches upon issues related to privacy, the distinction between work and play, and the overall […]

Virtual Office Pro Tip: Free Group Video Calling with Skype

Oliver + Sons operates 100% out of a “virtual office” — with team members in both Baltimore and San Francisco, we couldn’t do our jobs as well as we do them without Skype. Period. End of story. Case closed. We woke up to a little treat in our inboxes this morning, Skype now offers its […]

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