Net Neutrality: The Most Important Thing

If Net Neutrality disappears so will one of the last remaining democracies. Sounds like hyperbole? Seems a bit dramatic? Sure. Fine. Let’s start with something simple: You want to watch Parks & Rec on Netflix streaming You want it to buffer quickly and look good Netflix will have to PAY Comcast more money to do […]

Client Spotlight: Nomiku 2.0 Now on Kickstarter

Hello! Meet the new Nomiku. It’s hard to explain how wonderful it is to be able to boast about clients we have — past or present — but basically it is like getting a ride from a unicorn to Disneyland (just go with it). And, Nomiku is no exception. This Bay Area company lead the at-home […]

Designer Appreciation Post

We have the utmost respect for the visual crafters, letter-makers, and inspiration shakers. In the first of an ongoing series, we wanted to give due props to the artists we’re stalking. Thanks for making stuff beautiful. Hische got curves like whoa   Jessica Hische Our tippy top favorite word nerd, Hische travels the world speaking […]

How We Go A-Travelin’: Part One

We’re big travelers here at Oliver + Sons. The beauty of working with a variety of clients all over the place, and the freedom of doing most of that work online and remotely, is that we get the opportunity to adventure to new places. Whether it’s living in Spain for three months, to a week […]

6 Rules For The Elusive Facebook Ad

We don’t want to scare you or anything, but as far as rules go, these aren’t guaranteed. Such is the beast of the Facebook Ad. It is a topic of much discussion and strong opinion, and while we have had our fair share of success with the little digital monsters, we also have seen a […]

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