When Using Hashtags on Social Media How Much is Too Much?

What once was a telephone button has now become a social media phenomenon, I’m talking about the #hashtag. Or in simpler terms, a pound sign followed by a keyword, used for categorization across social media platforms. While it may seem like a simple concept, there is a lot that can go into choosing which ones […]

Bad Stock Photos of My Job: Digital Marketing / Startup Team Edition

Stock photos are historically bad. As a creative medium that businesses kind of have to use, they are just really… not good. Beyond the new wave of popular, free stock photo sites that actually don’t suck, there exists a world of terrible ones. While normally we would hate to sift through a classic stock site, […]

Oliver’s Earbuzz: 2018 Summer Must-Playlist

WHAT A SUMMER. We’ve been heads-down busy, busy, busy this season at team O+S with intense copywriting sessions, making SEO magic, building decks on decks, mastering Adwords, and even hosting some awesome summer interns! What’s been keeping us going through it all? Yup, you know it — music. While our beloved interns may be leaving […]

The Secret to High-Converting, High-Value Products Is…. Copywriting?

Are your products not selling? Are they sitting on the shelf just waiting for someone to buy them? I’ll let you in on a secret: it’s probably because of your copywriting. Your product copy is one of the most important aspects of your business. It’s the sales pitch that turns dithering consumers into converting customers. High-converting […]

5 Tips and Tricks for Personal Branding on Social Media

Not that long ago you probably were sitting at your desktop computer on a website called MySpace.com, creating an account with the handle @iloveponi3s with a friend request from some guy named Tom. Fast forward to the year 2018. You probably have a variety of accounts on several different platforms, with more professional usernames and […]

Artists We’re Crushing On: Designer Appreciation Part 7

We have the utmost respect for the crafters, letter-makers, and inspiration shakers out there. In this ongoing visual series, we wanted to give due props to the artists, creators, and designers we’ve taken note of lately. Thanks for making stuff beautiful! Natalia Maca Instagram: @natalia.maca Natalia Maca is a UK-based digital “illustrator, designer, and explorer.” […]

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