Content Promotion Checklist: 15 Things to Mark Off Before Going Live This Summer

Ah, beautiful summer. We’re breaking out our sunscreen and laptop protectors to soak in the sun while hustling away. Why, you ask? In the big old business world, the summer season is really the summer promotion season. While your typical summertime checklists may include items for the perfect road trip, gear for an upcoming music festival, or groceries […]

7 Brand Voice Exercises to Keep Your Business Healthy

Every time your company puts something out into the world, it’s using its voice; every social media post, every video clip, every press release, every website tweak. What you do with that brand voice, and especially what its voice sounds like, is one of the biggest things you can do for the prolonged health of your brand. […]

How Effective Are Case Studies for B2B Marketing?

In the vast expanse that is content marketing, B2B is a particular kind of beast to wrangle. Between newsletters, on-site articles, informative videos, eBooks, and other types of content, some businesses struggle to figure out which are their most valuable efforts. Case studies for B2B marketing combine equal parts storytelling, data, and design, to convey how […]

Marketers, Are You Taking Gender Representation Seriously?

Gender roles and identity have fluctuated in the public eye a lot in the last few years. As perspectives are continuing to shift and evolve in the “real world,” so too must perspectives change for brands. The average consumer isn’t taking the same outdated ideas to heart – they are more conscious and informed than ever. […]

Visual Marketing Isn’t Just Nice to Look At, It’s a Science [Infographic]

With so many stimuli presented to people online every day, understanding how visuals can attract consumers’ eyes is critical. The science of visual marketing has proven to encourage more engagement and retention in branded content. As humans, our brains process images 60,000 times faster than text; it makes a lot of sense why the right visuals can […]

How to Create a Winning Business YouTube Channel

YouTube is hard, but it’s not impossible to master as a brand. The platform as it stands today isn’t just reserved for vloggers, un-boxers, and young stars-in-the-making, it’s a seriously lucrative source for SEO, content marketing, and other acquisition and engagement strategies. If you’ve got videos that are watchable and the will to put some work into […]

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