Artists We’re Crushing On: Designer Appreciation Part 6

We have the utmost respect for the crafters, letter-makers, and inspiration shakers out there. In this ongoing visual series, we wanted to give due props to the artists, creators, and designers we’ve taken note of lately. Thanks for making stuff beautiful!

1. Julian Charrière

Julian Charrière is an artist that doesn’t shy away from sensitive subjects. Over the last few years, he has developed quite the reputation for taking on deep, environmental themes in his artwork; highlighting climate change and global warming in particular. For many projects, travel is necessary. Charrière journeyed as far as an iceberg in the Arctic Ocean to get the perfect photograph.


Check out his full website here:

We Are All Astronauts РJulian Charrière РCentre culturel suisse

2. Andrew Fairclough

Andrew Fairclough‘s illustration work is positively mesmerizing. With artistic beginnings in skate and snowboard graphic design, he has since worked with huge brands and continued to create incredibly detailed illustration pieces. Andrew has described his own work as being “inspired by mid-century spot illustrations and design as well as vintage sci-fi, comics, surrealism, DIY art culture, and the textural wonders of degraded print.”


Check out his full website here:

3. Claire Newton

We stumbled upon Claire Newton‘s work while just dipping into #designer on Instagram. In a sea of mislabeled posts, her stunning watercolors stood out like an oasis. We’ve zeroed in on the beautifully vibrant palms, flowers, and other foliage in Newton’s watercolor repertoire, and equally enjoy her work with detailed patterns and geometric abstracts.

Check out her Instagram here:

4. Kelsey Amy

Okay, so custom kicks haven’t really been on our mind for quite some time, BUT, we might make an exception for these beauties. Kelsey Amy founded Shme Custom Kicks, a personalized shoe business that’s run completely online. Not only do we have respect for this entrepreneurial female power, we genuinely think the shoe designs are incredibly well done.

Check out their Instagram here:

5. Mikey Burton

We’re a little obsessed with the 50’s inspired illustration style of Mikey Burton. Currently sporting the position of a part-time designer and illustrator at Designy Illustrator, Burton has been creating, winning awards, and generally killing the corporate art game. While we’re happy he’s making the big bucks working with big brands, we’ll never stop loving the monochromatic sketches and breakfast pins.

Check out his full website here:

What artists, designers, or creatives are you into right now? Let us know in the comments below. You can also see all of our other designer shout-outs here!