Oliver’s Earbuzz: Our 2018 Winter Favorites Playlist on Spotify

2018 Winter Spotify Playlist

The year is (finally) coming to a close and we’re gearing up for a nice winter break.

In our usual annual fashion, the team got together to create the perfect playlist of all of our absolute favorite songs. This isn’t your typical holiday party or wintertime themed collection of tracks – that’s not really our style. Instead, we collaborated on a winter playlist of all our top songs from just about every genre.

Whether you’re prepping for a long road trip, a cross-country flight, or even just a trip across town, we hope these songs help you get where you’re going a little easier. Happy holidays!

Check out more of our playlists here.

What music is getting you through the final end-of-year push or holiday rush? Drop your favorite 2018 tracks in the comments below!

Visual Design Trends for 2019 That Marketers Need to Know [Infographic]

Visual Design Trends

There’s a lot competing for your attention on the Internet these days. From the vast number of ads strategically served to our favorite social sites, all the way to the amount of content produced and published every minute. With so much out there, it’s more important than ever to differentiate and draw attention with the use of visuals. With the right visual design elements, your online presence is literally proven to skyrocket — it can be as simple as tweaking the types of images you’re posting and sharing.

In 2019, visual design trends will be largely dictating our marketing efforts. While we can, it’s super important to absorb as much inspiration as we can and craft visual online strategies well. In this infographic from Deposit Photos, they break down the top visual design trends we all need to know in 2019.

Visual Design Trends


What are you looking forward to the most in the next year — more personalization? Environmental awareness? Let us know on Twitter or Facebook, we’d love to hear from you!


A version of this post was first published on the Digital Information World blog.