6 Things You Might Be Doing Wrong in Marketing

If you’re just starting out in the marketing world or are searching for something you think you’re missing, you’ve landed yourself in the right place. You’ve just found some expert advice on ways to avoid mistakes in digital marketing. There’s a lot to test, a lot to measure, and a lot of simple mistakes to be made. We’re here to help you get on the right track and kickstart your marketing efforts.


When was the last time you blogged? From a customer perspective, if I stumbled upon your blog post and thought it was wicked… I decided to look into things and saw the last one you posted was 3 months ago, I probably wouldn’t look further. The internet is moving faster than the speed of light so you have to run with it. Reflect on your SEO value and progression, because quality shines.


Budgets can go far, but so can time. You can use it wisely. Every second counts. Make the most of what you have, the short snappy motivational messages can go on. But seriously, you have many resources online to self-learn and top them skills up, so go use them!

Source: The Free Dictionary

  • To avoid acting this way, you could create a content calendar, that way you have everything you need, neatly spread across the month. That’s you can look into where and how you can spend your money.
  • Spend time when creating your eye-catching headlines, you can pull readers in with a slight change of structure. This will completely change the way people see your blog.
  • Proofreading and bad grammar are also a big issue when it comes to skimping time, we use things like Grammarly (one of our best friends).


People are on your page because they set out to learn something, so make it beneficial to the reader and they will start to value you as a brand. Educational content is the main destination, with videos, pictures, infographics, and slideshows – if it’s easier to read the better! The more time people spend on your page, reading or getting lost in your illustrations, the better for your retention progress. But, you only have about 15 seconds to grab them, so GO GO GO!

You’re also trying to build brand awareness, right? That’s a tough one. It takes time and care, which is what you will gain from this post. You don’t just reap benefits from building your brand, but it’s also very important. You’ll be at the top of your readers’ minds, and should be their ‘go to’, you create the foundation to expand, and you can finally be recognizable.

Be careful out there, you now have add-ons like the SEMrush which provides an audit of your blogs in shares, other readers time spent on the page and views. The biggest benefit for you to take away from this is to make your content timeless, the content needs to have a long shelf life, so all your efforts of brand development last longer.

Social Media Loving


Relatable? I’ve sure seen it, and there’s something quite sad about it – it’s just not getting enough love. To progress and create a social media presence, you need to care for it and nurture it. Some things are so simple, like cross-posting, you may even have different followers across different channels, so go please them all. But this may not fit your brand personality.

You have other options like loving who loves you – show your appreciation to your fans, after all, they are your followers. Entertain them. This could be questions to hilarious videos of acting silly, just do it for the likes.

Listen to them. Monitor what they like and give them everything you’ve got.


There are plenty of resources every digital marketer has access to and plenty of people that can help you to optimize your website for mobile. You may find that 20-50% of visitors to your site are coming from a mobile device, it’s 2017, you need to get this done ASAP! Just imagine if someone ended up on your website, but just came from a mobilized competitor, then chances are they’ll just go straight back.

The best thing is, there are converters that will make it super easy for you. We recommend using the likes of Google’s Mobile Friendly URL Tool, or DUDA, which is a platform for mobilization but also offering website personalization tools. This way, websites are easier to navigate and we all appreciate them. In the words of our own Growth Hacker, Faye: test, test, and test again.


It’s a two-way street in this business, my friends. Comments, emojis, love, a small thank you, they all go a long way. And where there’s a hack, there’s a tool. However, don’t forget that monitoring is crucial here, if it doesn’t work, change it. One more time, there’s a tool. If you decide to use automated messages, then a slight change once a week will make the audience recognize, you ain’t no robot.

Another thing: never shy away from negative comments. They need to be addressed, and most of the time criticism can be taken as constructive feedback. Go and confront your fears!

Marketing management is a tough nut to crack, but we have all the right know-how. Check our homepage to see how we can equip you. Or give us a holler@oliverandsons.com

Virtual Workspaces: A Chat With Our Junior Growth Hacker

Slack is the remote worker’s dream. Millennials, like myself, will remember the hours glued to the thrilling MSN messenger after school. Slack is MSN’s business-minded big sister, however infinitely more fun and heaps more useful.

Want to send an urgent message to a team member that will pop up on their desktop straight away? Slack lets you do that. Want to manage several projects at the same time with different sets of teams? Slack has multiple channels you can customize and nominate to each task, without getting yourself tangled up.

Now, I know what you’re thinking: ‘What about Microsoft Teams?’, and you’re not wrong to be curious about most innovative group chat software to be associated with Microsoft since Skype. However, my answer to you is: don’t be fooled. There have been numerous times this year where Microsoft has been seen to put pressure on Slack, but the truth is Slack’s user base just ain’t leaving and Slack just keeps on getting sassier. 

I’d like to take some time to run you guys through just some of the reasons why I am a firm Slack fan. I’ll delve into personality, UX, functions and the overall effect as a virtual workspace for the modern day worker. All haters wanting an argie bargie on the subject, feel free to take this down to the comments later.

5 Reasons Why I’m A Slack Fan:

1. Slack are just majestic with their sassiness.

When word of Microsoft’s upcoming Slack competitor swooped on the scene, Slack was quick to respond in the best way they knew how. They took up a FULL 2 PAGE ad in the New York Times to welcome in the new competition. I love it so much that I’m going to include the final part for you to enjoy below:

If this isn’t them marking their virtual workspace territory and upping their sasspoints then I don’t know what is.

2. Slack is a product, Microsoft Teams is a feature.

O+S Blog Images (20).jpg

Source: The Verge

This is an interesting way to look at Slack and Microsoft Teams together and it truly makes all the difference. Being named ‘the office messaging app that may finally sink email’ in the New York Times, Slack may only have one use but it is far more than a contemporary add-on.

3. Slack is free.

O+S Blog Images (22).jpg

Source: Business Insider

Let’s consider the fact that anyone who’s anyone can have a Slack account. Slack boasts 4 million active daily users, and of those 1 million are paying customers. Pretty neat, considering they don’t force their premium version upon their users at every login. They have made themselves universal and there’s no doubt these guys certainly know how to growth hack their way to the top.

4. Slack is VERY user-friendly.

O+S Blog Images (23).jpg

Have you seen their interface recently? It’s pretty cool for a virtual workspace. You have to remember that most Slack users use the software for long hours at a time and this hasn’t gone unnoticed. They’ve taken it as their green card to go all out with exuberant copywriting, and I really enjoy reading their quirky little greeting messages each morning. Slack has focused on the small details and their work really has paid off. They’ve created a really pleasant and exciting user experience.

5. You can add external people into your Slack teams.

Slack prides itself on the awesome feature of adding people from outside your team into your Slack channel. That’s one of the best features right?

O+S Blog Images (21).jpg

How many times have you been at a meeting and have heard the words ‘I’ll add you into the slack channel now, it’s just easier than the back and forth of email.’ And voila! You can start to engage with your colleagues right then and there, sharing Google docs and Excel sheets at the flick of some rather cool, funky slack buttons. This is a feature that Microsoft Teams just hasn’t got going yet, and it’s potentially one of the main reasons that Slack members are staying for loyal to the software. If they aren’t such firm fans like me already, of course.

So what do you think? Is Slack is here to stay or do you think you will make the move over?

Let us know your thoughts on Twitter!

10 Bizarre Brain Foods – A Survival Kit For Computer Work

brain food

You are what you eat, but your productivity is also what makes you who you are.

There are certain compounds within foods which are bypassed because you probably just don’t think about the value of them. Who does? It’s fascinating how much food impacts the productivity within your daily regime. Allow these bizarre goodies enlighten your diet to get your typing speed soaring!

Brain Food #1: Sage

With a long reputation of improved concentration and memory, Sage can be used as an oil or a sprinkle of flavor. It contains compounds that prevent the breakdown of acetylcholine. It’s worth adding to your diet, as the Pharmacological Biochemical Behavior found young adults who took sage-oil extract (.05 ml) before cognitive tests performed better than those given a placebo.

Image result for sage

Source: Growing Sage

Brain Food #2: Grass Fed Beef

“The difference between grain fed and grass-fed animal products is dramatic.”

– American Grass Fed Beef

It boils down to the nutrition that the cow gets. Grass-fed products tend to be much lower in total fat than grain-fed products and will always be lower in calories. Consuming grass-fed products means extra Omega-3s, and means a healthier iron level. With higher levels of iron, you can perform better and faster on mental tasks. Iron helps transport oxygen throughout the body and to the brain.

Brain Food #3: Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Widely believed to be the healthiest way to eat in the Mediterranean diet. Extra Virgin Olive Oil has monounsaturated fats that help improve memory and other cognitive functions. Containing over 30 phenolic compounds that are potent antioxidants, this olive oil contributes to higher levels of the brain-derived neurotrophic factor.

Image result for extra virgin oil

Source: USA Today

Brain Food #4: Rosemary

Similar to sage, you have the oil option, or sprinkled as an ingredient. Carrying carnosic acid, rosemary helps protect your brain from neurodegeneration, Alzheimer’s, strokes or natural aging of the brain. 

Image result for rosemary

Source: Mother Nature Network

Brain Food #5: Yerba Mate

It’s said that Yerba Mate has the “strength of coffee, the health benefits of tea, and the euphoria of chocolate” all in one beverage. Yerba Mate can enhance short-term brain power – likely due to its strength and health benefits. The people of the rainforests find tremendous invigoration, focus, and nourishment in Yerba Mate, we’re positive it’ll work behind the computer.

Brain Food #6: Wild Salmon

Specifically Wild Salmon and Deep-water Fish are rich in omega-3, which are essential fatty acids and essential for brain power. Reason being for its “cleanliness.” It’s one of the most nutritious, brain food-friendly foods around, hence why you might see it so much.

Image result for wildsalmon

Source: Fine Cooking

Brain Food #7: Pomegranate Juice

With the seeds, the fruit itself isn’t the most convenient and appetizing around and you still get all the right antioxidant benefits from the juice. This protects the brain from damage from free radicals when the brain is the most sensitive. A recommended 2 ounces a day, diluted with spring water or seltzer will be the perfect amount of fuel.

Image result for pomegranate juice

Source: Dr. Axe

Brain Food #8: Sea Veg

Mainly in the West, but the people of Okinawa, Japan seem to be the ones benefiting health and longevity due to their consumption of sea vegetables. They contain all 56 minerals, iodine, tyrosine and so much more that are seen to be rare across other vegetables that are essential to human health. All of which clear brain fog, poor memory, depression, and fatigue.

Image result for sea vegetables

Source: Passionately Raw!

Brain Food #9: Bee Pollen

Bee Pollen is one full of nutrients, making it the perfect energizer. It contains about 40% of protein, and rich in folic acid, free amino acids and plenty of B-complex all of which will help you fight your day. You’ll be battling that fatigue and enhancing your brain’s stamina all with just a teaspoon added to your drink.

Brain Food #10: Bone Broth

The minor effects of Bone Broth have been shown to improve your sleep and memory. The most important to highlight are the effects on your bones, cells, ligaments, and brain. Its simply, a stock made of animal bones, but when ingested it feeds your body with collagen which builds these parts of your body, reduces intestinal inflammation and heals amino acids. Not suitable for vegetarians.

Image result for bone broth

Source: Paleo on the Go

Need more? Or do you require some research? Get in touch! We’re up for anything.

Virtual Workspaces: A Chat with Our Content Creator


A popular communication and collaboration solution for teams and our morning go-to for all things Oliver + Sons, dapulse is what keeps our agency sharp. If you didn’t know before, we are currently a team of five operating remotely from all corners of the globe (Barcelona, London, and San Francisco!). As a work lifestyle, it sounds pretty awesome. And, it is, thanks to this awesome business tool.

We cannot stress enough the sheer amount of organization needed to always be crossing the T’s and dotting the I’s of tasked work in agency life. We needed a business tool that kept up with us; one that allowed us to be scrupulous with our planning and communicate effectively across different time zones.

Dapulse (DP) gives us all of this and more. I caught up with our content creator Lily to see what aspects she looks for in a virtual workspace, and why it satisfies those needs:

Let’s have a further look into why we choose to use dapulse over its competitors by examining the best features of the toolkit itself:

  • An execution board with a big screen display for easy view of all tasks for that week. 

dapulse has its own idiolect to describe its stack rows called pulses, which can be categorized and separated to suit your business’ desired needs. The app is totally customizable as it tracks each change in the status of the task and can be easily updated at any given time. This is great for us to monitor our weekly progress and additionally, allows for tracking of who carried out each particular task.

  • A visual display of progress which, as Lily comments, really increases the motivation to complete tasked work.

With each pulse, there is the option to customize the drop-down menu allowing you to input titles to your specific business needs and requirements. Our Oliver + Sons labels reflect our needs as a remote digital marketing agency.

Our action items are clearly highlighted with color and progress marker lexis for the attention of other remote team members. This feature particularly works well for us, as we are an agency that works within different time zones. As I prepare to sign off for the day, I know that another co-worker can easily begin where I left off and has access to a visual representation of my workload. Awesome!

  • Easy communication that allows you to simply tag people which you wish to include or poke on a specific task.

To collaborate which another member of your team, you simply need to click on the relevant pulse. This then opens up a notes feed where you can send files, tag other members for their attention and discuss matters relating to that set task.

We use this feature at Oliver + Sons to extrapolate more information on a client’s history, the task set, or even for including useful resources which the person tasked may find useful. This feature works similarly to Intercom and is a great way for us to be quickly notified of comments related to a specific task. Email notifications can also be set up to be automatically sent with every change.

Are you using dapulse or have another virtual workspace which you’d like to rave about? Let us know below!

Too Damn Busy: Overcoming That Pesky Work Burnout

Stress is serious business.

It’s bad for your body, bad for your mind, and especially bad for your job. We all became experts at cramming in high school projects and exams, but the constant rush can’t last forever. When the concept of rushing becomes everyday practice, you simply can’t keep up for long.

According to the Wall Street Journal, these “rushers” have tendencies we can all recognize in ourselves and each other, including:

  • Cutting off people while they are speaking.
  • Shifting attention to their devices before the communication is over.
  • Promoting stress by over-emphasizing their need to get things done faster.
  • Making others question their own value because they don’t work at the same levels.

Anything sound familiar? The folks at Trello know a lot about this constantly-rushed, forever-stressed work mentality and decided to take a closer look into how urgency — whether real or perceived — affects us.

Time urgency is the official term for the habit of speeding through tasks and experiences caused by an obsession with the scarcity of time. When experiencing anxiety about the pressure of deadlines and there never being “enough time,” you enter a chronic state of worry that seeps into your sense of accomplishment and self-worth.

The main takeaway? Work is always important, but not at the expense of your health or well-being (or other peoples’ health and well-being).

The irony about the contagion of hurry worry is that it isn’t coming from an external pressure of the lack of time—it’s coming from habit, and habits can be changed. Until companies establish positive group norms that constant rushing and an above-average accelerated pace are not requirements for being deemed a good performer, hurry sickness will continue to spread.

Trello put together a comprehensive backstory and list of recommendations to better manage that hurry-worry and wrangle it into submission so you can be a happier, more productive you. You can read all about it on their blog right here.

How do you combat stress and time management? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!