Campaigns for Social Good: Best of 2015

Passionate companies everywhere are turning to fresh advertising concepts that promote social good. As human rights, the environment and other concerns of public interest have become prominent issues, brands are finding creative means to encourage change.

We saw a lot of companies introduce impressive, innovative marketing campaigns around social issues last year, making Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) even more popular for both businesses and consumers. A 2013 study revealed that 90% of Americans feel they are more loyal to a brand that supports social causes. 


Image source: Mashable Image source: Mashable


It’s simple – doing good is good for business and consumers. Here are 3 companies that took on a challenge and stirred things up, creatively, for social good in 2015:

REI & #OptOutside

“Dedicated to inspiring, educating and outfitting its members and the community for a lifetime of outdoor adventure and stewardship.” 

REI lived up to their mission during the most crazy days of sale during the entire year last year. Rather than shoving more discounts down your throat over Black Friday, the company took a stand on promoting health and exploring the great outdoors, and shut all 143 of its doors to customers and employees (who received a paid day off).

What we find so great about this campaign is that, not only did this large retailer decide to not indulge in a bluster of fresh sales, their message inspired some National Parks to offer free or reduced admission that same day, encouraging consumers to stop shopping and enjoy the planet. The #OptOutside campaign ended up garnering so much mainstream press, many people took advantage of the day outdoors.

Barbie™ & Imagine the Possibilities

You can be anything. 

In what might just be the best commercial we saw in 2015, Barbie™ is killing it when it comes to the equality empowerment of women and girls. What once was a brand plagued by gender stereotypes and image issues has made steps toward becoming an encouraging, imaginative, empowering company.

“Imagine the Possibilities” follows five girls pretending to be professionals in different real-life settings — a college professor, a soccer coach, a veterinarian, a businesswoman, and a tour guide. The adults in these situations obviously find the whole thing ridiculously adorable, but the concept behind allowing a young girl to feel confident about being anything she wants is pretty awesome.

Ben & Jerry’s & Save Our Swirled

“If it’s melted, it’s ruined.” 

Fighting climate change one ice cream cone at a time, Ben & Jerry’s launched their Save Our Swirled (SOS) flavor appropriately during summer of 2015. Not only is it insanely delicious, the concept of the campaign surrounding the release of the ice cream is one of drawing attention and taking action.

Using the metaphor of a delicious, melting treat to promote the message about climate justice is creative, innovative, and totally on character for their brand. On its website, Ben & Jerry’s states it has a “long history of fighting for climate justice and finding ways to reduce the environmental impact of our business.”

What were some of your favorite campaigns for good that happened in the last year? Share them with us on Facebook!