Our Marketing Predictions for 2017

We don’t have a crystal ball or anything, but we do have a roster of clients that keep us on our toes and nose-deep in emerging trends. Here are some of our top picks for broad marketing must-haves come 2017. 

Video, Video, Video. But Better.

There is a new presence of narrative thanks to Instagram Stories that has made social media video suddenly much more interesting. The key will be professionalism and quality of these short video segments. Consumers will be watching but can tap through quickly, so curating compelling video content for brands is going to be key. Some examples we’ve seen have their ups & downs. Everlane takes a more in-house approach with behind-the-scenes of product shoots and pop-up store openings. Bustle and other publications have used a more editorial “Read More” technique, which is more reminiscent to Snapchat. Then there’s Daniel Wellington, which has relied heavily on customer-hosted take-overs of the channels. Experimentation is key and going to be very interesting in your 2017 Instagram feed.

Ping! Desktop Notifications

Bringing your inbox to your browser, there are some very interesting new technologies and apps that will give you the first-possible update on product releases, special offers and limited time promotions. Marketing automation while the customer is simply surfing the web.

Immersive Content with Virtual Reality

Much has been said about the newest and most exciting technology in the last five years… and while not everyone has an Oculus Rift in their home, there are some very cool campaigns being done by big brands in impactful ways. Publications like the New York Times have really embraced going inside the story, brands like TopShop and Volvo have used VR to let consumers wear and drive the latest products, and mission-forward companies like Tom’s Shoes uses the technology to prove their value with a “Walk In Their Shoes.” As it becomes more commonplace, VR will allow a potential customer to experience a brand’s world as created by the most creative marketing teams.

Talk to Me: Chat & Conversational Drips

Almost all of our clients have found amazing conversion in their support structures by leveraging a chatbot feature or live chat technology. It allows Sales and Support teams to combine forces for a winning combo of helping customers and up-selling with transparency. Pair this with a super-refined marketing automation plan and you have a perfect funnel to catch consumers as they visit, explore, purchase and re-purchase. We’re experts in email marketing, and using a drip campaign for cart abandonment and/or live chat follow up is our go-to method for staying in touch with every potential and recurring customer.

Live Video, When Applicable

This is a thing now. Streaming live has been met with some controversy. As a cultural phenomenon, it has become a cornerstone of police brutality and protesting, but for marketers, it really only works when there is an actual Live event that people would want to witness. Facebook Live has been successful for AMA-style interviews and up-to-the-minute news stories, while Instagram Live has been a rough start — pushing Live announcements when followers aren’t interested and trying to find a balance between using Stories & Live video. Either way, it’s a fantastic outlet for brands who have large announcements or special moment-based launches that have an excitement to them that’s best experienced in real-time.

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Our 2016 Playlist, Just For You

Music heals. 2016 was a… doozy. Here are our favorite tunes from a year that wasn’t exactly our favorite. Listen below to some of our obscure (and not-so-obscure) tracks to bop your way into the next month.


WE KNOW IT’S LAST MINUTE: Holiday Shopping

If you’re anything like us, and let’s be real — if you’re reading this you might actually be us — this season has been beyond hectic. Here are our picks for Christmas / Hanukkah / Festivus this holiday season… and exactly who would appreciate them*.

You’re welcome. Hurry up and get that expedited shipping to make the deadline!

That Vinyl Lover

Vinyl Styl Record Care Kit

Slick packaging and reliable tools to love and care for all of those precious records. Comes with brush, cleaner & pad and cleaning fluid. $29.99

Santa Gets Tech Savvy with Typeform

We never thought we’d see anything as charming this week as Santa saying “… So I use Typeform” and even more so with, “I link it with Zapier and Trello”! Welcome to 2016, St. Nick.

Typeform outdoes itself this holiday promo season with festive Christmas kiosks to gather intel on all the good (and bad) little boys and girls.

Even better is the old guy himself. We can’t help but picture this guy as the sleigh-riding real deal. Santa Claus is perfectly jolly, rightfully kinda-foreign (is he slightly Danish or Upstate New York?), and shockingly tech savvy.

“How the CEO of Christmas automated his gift-making process”

While showing off Typeform’s features and values, this brilliant campaign also shared the form with parents to let their child complete their own List to send (digitally, of course) up North.

Go ahead and warm your cold heart.

Wix VS. WordPress: Pros + Cons For Website Builders

We work with an amazing team of developers over at Multidots. And they were kind enough to create a very helpful infographic about their client’s particular pros and cons of using either Wix or WordPress as their primary site builder.