Content Marketing We Love: Westworld


We saw this in our Twitter feed and we were hooked:

Who wouldn't click that? Who wouldn’t click that?

If you haven’t been watching HBO’s new western sci-fi, we highly recommend checking it out. If you have then you understand just how compelling this funny and smart work of content marketing is oh-so-perfect. Granted, Westworld is easy to get people excited about, especially since it’s premise is so very believable. The perfection of this piece is adding in the element of the site Reddit and it’s very popular format of AMA (“Ask Me Anything”).

Read it for yourself here. 

A Crash Course in Google AdWords


Google AdWords is an essential for digital marketing strategies today, but that doesn’t make it any easier to get a real grasp of. Because of this reality (and because we’re helpers), we partnered up with our friends at Social Buzz Pros to put together a comprehensive crash course.

Get a complete overview of everything you need to know about Google AdWords, including:

  • CPC & CPA Pricing
  • Re-marketing
  • Target by Keyword
  • Campaign Set Up
  • Effective Ad Copy

View the full presentation below, or check it out on Prezi.

Any questions? Looking for more help with Adwords? Feel free to drop us a line.

Startup Weekend Barcelona: We’re Mentoring!


Hey Barcelona startups (and the rest of the world, really…) — we’re excited to share that our Chief Left Brain, Attiya Abdulghany, has been selected to mentor and coach at Startup Weekend Barcelona Global Edition. 

So, what’s the event all about?

“Startup-Weekend Global Edition is a weekend during which more than 200 cities run the same program. Over 15,000 attendees will do the same as you during this weekend. We will connect live with them, their coaches and mentors. So this weekend is not only about the Barcelona community, but the global community!”

Startup Weekend offers the chance for startups to learn how to take any idea from concept to creation. This awesome 3-day event can help you:

  • get introduced to the world of startups and entrepreneurship
  • learn the process for going from concept to creation
  • meet experienced, talented, and passionate entrepreneurs
  • join or build an all-star team
  • and a whole lot more