Asking Interesting Questions – A Resource Guide

If you’re anything like us, you blog. A lot. And part of blogging, or regularized writing of any kind, is the ability to persistently ask meaningful, interesting questions. But what’s a question without an answer?

We’ve put together some of our favorite tools for getting great data, ideas and information for blogging (or just impressing your friends and colleagues) on the fly.

Google Ngram Viewer

Imagine you could search all the English words ever written and compare how popular they are over time. No need to imagine actually, just click over to Google’s epic historical language documentation project and put your favorite words up against each other.

Who Tweeted It First

Ever wonder who starts twitter trends, hashtags or precipitates a particular link’s virality? Who Tweeted It First is the tool for you.

PRB Data Finder

The Population Reference Bureau is among the least sexy resources to make the list, but oh is it powerful. Their collected data covers the inhabitants of every country on earth across hundres of metrics and axes.

Pew Research

The Pew Research Center is obsessed with tracking what Americans do. The center’s Internet & Tech think tank churns out unmissably intriguing reports at wholly unreadable rates and their Fact Tank is perfect for timely blog post inspiration.

Google Trends

Trends is such a ubiquitous tool in so many industries we nearly left it off the list. But its insights are consistently interesting and often lead to amazing mashup projects like the map above.

What are some of your favorite information inspiration sources?